It is truly amazing what a human can achieve using the power of the mind! I had my annual,spirometry and am so pleased to have gone from 37% to 45% fev1, I've been focusing on being positive and keeping up the dog walks! but I truly believe we can improve our lives with meditation.Breathing exercises and positive thoughts! hope you enjoy Wim and Tims challenge!

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I am fully beside you on that hufferpuffer


Totally agree. And well done! xx

Well done very positive

Well done. Positive thinking is something I have always tried to do but not always successfully.

Well done. That's a great improvement.

Lynne xx

Well done , keep up the good work, what an ego boost that is for you. I do agree with lots of exercise if we can, I too walk the dog as much as I can and take the grandchildren to the park when the weather is decent.


Very well done huff, that is a real feel good factor



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