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Stairs,stairs and more stairs

Hi everyone,I went to London yesterday with my daughter to see Singing in the Rain, what a great show and fab day but the amount of stairs I had to climb in the train station and on the underground wore me out, then the icing on the cake were the stairs in the theatre as we were booked in the dress circle, the funny thing was a party of school children running up the stairs passed me and not even out of breath, theres me at the top with my puffer!! Then when the show was over I realized I had to do the stairs on the underground and station again to go home!! Oh what a laugh we both had, I slept well last night though and woke feeling really well so the exercise must have done me good although it didn't feel like it at the time, so glad I went.

Hope everyone is as well as they can be.

Love Teigy1

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I would love to see that show. I too almost dread stairs, but I do try to think of them as a workout.

Lynne xx


Try and get to see it if you can Lynne, well worth it, you will enjoy the challenge of the stairs too, just take it easy and you will benefit at the end.xx


Glad you had a lovely night

Long may the positive benefits you are feeling last




Thanks Katlover I hope so too xx


Nice to see you had a great time even with the toil of the stairs.I`m planning to visit London in the summer so i know what i have to look forward to!


Enjoy your trip to London Dors, try to make a show while you're there, well worth it.x


Yes I try and avoid using lifts, as the stairs are our friend in the long run. Its different on a long day out though as you only have a certain amount of energy and you have to use it wisely. Sounds like you had a day to remember brooksju and Its good to see you have retained a good sense of humer, what with those pesky kids running by and showing you up like that. :)


I've not been on the Underground for a couple of years but found the majority had good escalators or lifts available. I always make a bee-line for these rather than tackle stairs as some of the drops between levels are quite lengthy.

Even at my local railway station, I use the lifts now, rather than slowly struggle down the stairs, with people pushing past because I don't move quickly enough for them. Going up stairs, ah yes, I remember doing that... That's a pastime reserved for home only now.

Exercise it may be to some, it's not the type I look forward to any more.


Yes Gordon57 you are right I did use escalators some of the time but there are still some areas where stairs have to be used. I didn't see any lifts at the train station but I expect they were there somewhere, sorry to hear you are not so able anymore but as long as you can manage the stairs at home must be a help to you, take care.x


If I plan going anywhere different I usually check out the station facilities and find out where lifts and escalators are, saves a lot of time trying to find a member of staff to ask.

Wakefield is a funny one as they only have the one footbridge, no lifts. A bit poor for a city. They have a level crossing that is used for wheelchairs and prams, if you can get someone to take you over. The gates are locked, you have to have staff to accompany you.

It's one place where I have to use the stairs, so I allow myself loads of time from getting off the train to when my bus is due outside. The practise I get on my home stairs must be helping :-)


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