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Chest X Ray results


I went to the Dr last week as I had become quite short of breath (for no apparent reason)

She said my chest was clear but I should have a chest Xray as I hadn't had one for 2 years, she also said my oxygen levels as OK

Results came back saying my Xray was the same as it was in 2010.

Not sure what that means really, any ideas.

Also is it usual to just suddenly get out of breath for a few days? I was very tired as well.


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Hi good news with your xray...the breathlessness could be anything from the onset of a cold or maybe allergy even a change of weather sometimes makes me this way.

Hi Dors,

Thanks, I thought it was good news. I am new to the sudden onset on shortness of breath for no reason. It has happened a couple of times this year, normally it is after a cold.

i get out of breath when going from a warm house to cold air outside, also bad air quality def makes me worse. After travelling in the car i am usually worse for a few days. if you r x-ray is same as a few years ago its good news, it means you aren't getting any worse.

I get out of breath when going from warm to cold.

I was wondering if having the heating on for so long wasn't helping. I turn it off at night but I have been so cold that I have also had a seperate heater on as well as the heating during the day.

Breathing is better the last couple of days so maybe just a bad spell.

Thanks for answering.

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