Lungs still naughy

Lungs beeing a pain still and had 4 lots of steroids and antibs since Start of December and now on a long spell of sterotids for 40 day ggrrr !!!. Hamster cheaks.On lots of meds and nebs that help me but told my asthma is worse now and this could be as good as it gets.It i s not under control still and puffed out but do know what to do from my asthma team.Sometimes I crash fast and thats a bit scary and asthma team think could brittle asthma.So not been diagnosed with it yet for sure and see my asthma team every 12 weeks and phone contact anytime and my doctor is great and can phone him anytime also as you need ring at 8 to see him that day and only few slots.If need him about my asthma I can phone him and will phone me back asap.

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  • You have had a rotten time of it recently haven't you? Waiting for a diagnosis to be confirmed can be very scary. Best advice I can offer is to try and stay calm and relaxed (I know that is easier said than done). Thinking of you. xx

  • Thankyou auntymary.

    Im so worn out all the time now and no energy.

    Good job only work part time and can rest up bit xxx

  • I have absolutely no idea how you manage to work! Anybody that strong will win through. :)

  • Thankyou xxx Only work 1 hour 15 mins a day around the corner xxx

  • I hope you start to feel better soon. Amazing you are working. Just a thought this weather is really taking its toll on my husband - yesterday lots of wind - he could hardly breath. Today a lots less wind - can still hardly breath. Roll on spring! TAD xx

  • I suffer with brittle asthma, fine one day then not the next, with all reasoning, steroids should make you feel better, but I discovered that I am sensitive to them, which create a feeling of being suffocated and extreme breathlessness, Also, some anti-biotics can have an adverse effect. In general you should start to feel better within 48hrs, if not go back to your GP, keep trying different forms and eventually you will find one which suits you. I personally have an allergy problem, which tends to be part of the eczema & asthma package. I am not suggesting for one moment that you have this problem, as we don't know your history, In addition, try singing, wistleing, blowing gently through a straw, and spend some time on slowing down your breathing. Rapid breathing can become quite habitual. Hope this helps, and keep your spirits up, laughing is the best medicine as they say

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