Weird weather

Sorry to move away from the dying and death mode (something I'm not really into) but at 7 am a blackbird was singing at the top of his voice, then at 7-30 am we had a thunderstorm, Mr. Cock Pheasant and his 5 wives were spooked, he was flapping his wings and was trying to herd them together, two were playing awkward. Now the sun is shinning !

More jokes please KOTCTs

Lib x

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  • No need to apologise Libbygood, the board is here for everyone, there was a lovely female pheasant in my father in laws garden on the weekend. We were so pleased because there was a shoot going on near by, and we were so hoping she would have the good sense to stay there all afternoon. The sunshine is also shining here right now down in Herefordshire and at 7.30 this morning it looked pretty glum.

  • There are two shoots by us Daxiemad, I'm not happy when one or two of our pheasants disappear after a Saturday shoot, Dennis feeds what he calls 'his ladies' (the pheasants!) every morning, so we do sort of get attached to them except when Mr Cock Pheasant nips the buds off my flowers just for the heck of it.

    Lib x

  • I don't call pheasant shooting hunting, these poor creatures are breed, then with the use of humans and dogs the ground is beaten so some twit (I am being polite because it is a public board) can shoot it, it isn't hunting, and it isn't good sport, as the odds are always stacked against the birds. Don't get me started, it will be foxes next, give me the topic hunting and I get my soap box out. The only time I agree with killing wildlife is with culling to protect future stock from becoming weak, and when it is necessary to protect livestock, and then it should be done in a humane way. Oh god have I started off another debate.

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