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I am a bit concerned everyone here says we must exercise to keep our lungs from dying. I cannot exercise as I have osteoarthritis in my spine and also degenerative discs so I cannot even walk a few yards. I joined the BLF a few weeks ago hoping for some info but have not received a pack just an email thanking me for joining are there some exercises I can do while sitting?

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  • Leg exercises could be a start. Just try and keep things moving.

  • Google Donna Wilson lung exercises, sit down all round exercises especially for the lungs.

    Lib x

  • Thanks Libbygood, I will download the videos.

  • Exblonde, try not to get to bogged down with this information, if you can get improved level of fitness, it does help the lungs when you have a bad period regardless of what lung condition you have. Also though your health care practitioners will recognise that you cannot go marching around the block because of your other medical issues. If you really wish to take some form of exercise, the first person or persons you should chat to are your health care providers, they will tell you what is realistic and then advise you where you can go to exercise safely. Also if necessary there are programme set up in most areas where you can get exercise on prescription, which is cheaper if you have to pay, and you will be watched closely by someone to make sure you are safe. Good luck, and remember baby steps!

  • Hi Exblonde, If you can ask your Doctor or respiratory nurse for a referral to pulmonary rehab which is a programme of excercise and information - they would be able to advise which excercises are best for you and how to excercise safely. Good Luck and I agree with Daxiemad - baby steps! TAD xx

  • Thankyou everyone for your input it is a great help. It is lovely to have your support.

  • Hi exblonde

    Have a look at this it is Mr Motivator it was recommended by someone on here a while back and it is armchair aerobics aimed at older people but works just as well for those of us who have limited movement. Anyway it will make you smile at least.


  • What a laugh I managed to get through the tape but with tears runnig down my face, so good and so funny, thankyou Janet.

  • Will you be the next Mr Motivator?

  • More like Mrs kn********* if I carry on with it.

  • wore me out just watching

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