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Coughing up sputum with blood in it, following a lung infection, is this any cause for concern?

Came out of hospital,about seven days now, following a lung infection. Finished my antibiotics and steroids. I am coughing up sputum with some blood in it, say, once or twice a day roughly, (less than it was at first), Have a little mid back pain, but otherwise am alright, is this any cause for concern, or is it something that can happen after an infection. Don't want to bother my GP uneccessarily. Thank you

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Hi dirose , I would definitely go to the doctors asap. It could be something to do with your lung infection it may not have cleared up and you may need more antibiotics. Hope you are soon better.



Agree with this entirely but I do feel intense coughing can cause the small veins in the lungs to bleed BUT must have a check out with the GP.

Hi dierose, agree with sylb entirely, and don't be put off by them saying you can have an appointment days ahead, explain what is happening and get an appointment as soon as possible. Hope things are better for you soon. LIbby

Thank you both. My doctor will think I am hyperchondriac! I hate going to him!

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Dont think this. If it wasn't for the likes of you and me, he wouldn't have a job and would be on the dole. So you are doing him a favour. Think of that when you are entering his room.

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My GP just thinks about saving money, (cheap scripts) saving time, )watches the clock) when I am with him, it's ten mins and no more you know!!! specialists cost money too, so, they are on limit, sre all practices like this, or is age discrepancy?????

Same here im about to change my doctor

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yes. thanks !

I think Annie is right, it could be following your lung infection but the trauma of so much coughing can cause some bleeding too but important you get it checked out.

You don't need to give your Dr a long explanation, it simple, you need an appointment, you have been coughing up blood, no other explanation required and you will get a swift appointment

Better safe than sorry




Hi, I agree with the previous comments. The blood may be an after effect of the infection, but it DEFINITELY needs to be checked out! This is a simple precautionary measure, not a diagnosis if hyperchondria. I'm sure your doctor would prefer to investigate it now rather than later via a hospital admission, so make an appointment and ensure you let them know it is to do with coughing blood, it needs urgently looking at. Take care, Richard

Thank youi for this, I was thinking maybe it was a tiny vessel that broke when I coughed...........I hope that's all it is,, but yes OK, will tell my GP tomorrow, Thanks.

Get it checked out so at least you will know what is going on. You are not being a nuisance to your GP and should never worry about going to see him/her. As Katlover says, better safe than sorry. Good luck to you. xx

Thank you, will do then.

try and see another doctor in the practice, one thaats more understanding, and caring

hope you feel better soon


Yes! Feel 100% real soon.

Hi dirose I see that your post was made yonks ago (4 years!) but as it is very relevant to my latest post on coughing up blood (I have bronchiectasis), I thought I would drop you a quick note to ask how you are and has this coughing up blood been an ongoing prob for you? Did you also manage to get a knowledgeable GP sorted out?

Keep well.

stillmovin xx

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