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One pair of windbags, one lady owner!

Still not having a great time with the windbags, syringe driver dosage and steriods increased again, and currently have an extremely close relationship with the neb. Lottie got so excited when I got dressed this morning, but had to turn her down because I was going out to the GPs. One must remember that when windbags are not playing ball it would be sensible to ask to see GP down stairs and not attempt to go upstairs and see them like I did today. Anyway due to know one knowing what to do with me locally and RBH a very long way away, he raised my meds. So hopefully Lottie and I shall be flying around the place by next week.

Don't know about anyone else but when I am swallowing 50 mg of pred I get more dizzy than usual, and no I am not a blonde from Essex. Mind you already being behaving like on today, have left my prescription behind in Tescos at the checkout today, bless the store and chemist though, they got in touch quickly and hubby is picking it up in is lunch break.

So back to snuggling under the duvet with the Lotbots and merrily wheezing away, but at least I am not competing with the wind outside, very high winds are hard work when SOB. Studying remains untouched, which isn't great, but feel so rubbish can't be asked.

Huggies to you all Daxiemad

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Hope you start to feel better soon and able to take your little dog out.. :)

Get well soon Daxiemad. Lottie needs you! Auntymary xx

You and Lottie have a nice time under the duvet, get well soon.

Lib x

Hi Daxiemad

It is rubbish when you feel poorly - being SOB can be very frightening!

I hope you are feeling better soon - please don't forget we are here if you want to talk to us.

Keep warm.


Thanks everyone for your support, I have a good circle of friends outside of here that I natter with me, it can be frightening to be SOB but I am so used to my brittle asthma, (since I was 18 and now 41) I cope with it quite well. For me writing my little blogs is my form of therapy and rather enjoyable, plus I know that they have brought a lot of people happiness, support and information. BLF is the third site I have written on over the years, and I am also proud to say that a few years ago my style of blogging was used, to support a charity appeal.

Get better soon

Hope you are feeling a bit better today. It is so miserable to be so SOB - I watch my husband getting very scared and having had really bad asthma attacks know how scarey it is. Just take care of yourself and recover slowly. Lots of love and kinds thoughts TAD x

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