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Can you help us? Telling the world about the BLF Helpline.

Hi Everyone

We are looking to improve the way the Helpline pages look on the BLF website - we want to "encourage" more people to call the Helpline for support. We know how many people find their way to the Helpline page - but only a small proportion then go on to call us. One of the reasons, we are sure, is because the Helpline page doesn't do a good enough job of explaining how "good" the Helpline is. One of the things we want to do is have short videos of people talking about how they have benefited from calling the Helpline - nothing gets the message across better than hearing it straight from someone who has contacted us.

So we are looking for people to volunteer to be included in one of these videos - I know that sounds quite scary - but hopefully we will get some volunteers.

So if you would like to find out more - put yourself forward - just send me a message or email me at helpline@blf.org.uk.

Thanking you all in advance


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Always happen to oblige but how would it happen, mark. Not keen appearing on camera. - would skype be involved. I certainly would sing the praises of BLF. Bye Annie80

Hi Mark. I have already offered my services (for what they are worth) I think one of your press guys rang me. The only problem with this is I have never called the helpline. I did have a nice chat with Jo once.



Someone, with a camera crew, would come along to your home and do the filming. You will be asked some questions, but more to encourage you to talk. The interviewer won't be on camera - the idea is that it will turn out like the films featured on the link below.


So it's all about you - your story - your thoughts - how you want to say it.Not a structured or scripted interview.

Hope that helps - hope that doesn't put anyone off. We'll even give you a copy of the video to show at every family gathering!



Raising awareness of the help line would be achieved if the number was given on the home page here.

Auntymary xx

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Very good point!

Lynne xx

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Can anone ring the help line I live in Ireland and have never used the line don't know if it would be avabaile to me.

I for one would highly recommend them too as I've had many a helpful dealing with them in the past.

Put me on that list please Mark,you yourself know how helpful they have been with me.In my eyes they showed more support that my 1st consultant ever did.Thankfully I'm under a much better one now.

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Hi Mark, I work in Media for a large London Company, may I suggest looking at Twitter and going for the Promotional options to spread the word, plus of course all other social media channels.. Good Luck Sue

Hello Mark,

Yes, I would agree with 'Birthday Sue' about using Social Media to get the Helpline message across to people.

What has surprised me very much is that there must be so many people with Lung Disorders and many of them as far as I can tell do not use services available. So getting the message across that there is help available is it seems tricky.

Where I wonder are all the famous people with Lung Disease? They could help if they were willing to put their faces/stories/experiences in front of the public.

If I can help you with the video then I will be more than happy to tell of my positive experience of the BLF helpline and the support the BLF nurse gave me.

Have a great day. Polly

Hi Mark

Very happy to help with this. I have contacted the helpline twice and the nurses have been very helpful in preparing me for an appointment with a consultant and GP.


(With respect) A few suggestions Mark:

Could there be a DIRECT link to Helplne pages from BLF Home page rather than via the "drop-down" - perhaps some people are not even reaching your page;

Could the lovely looking man on the BLF Home page asking if you need information about COPD ask "Do you need information about a lung disease" - some may think your helpline is only for people with COPD;

As there is more than 1 screen's worth of information on your Helpline area, could you put the really important info on the "1st screen" because (in my experience) many people don't actually scroll down the page;

With that in mind, could you increase the size of the Helpline phone number to the size of that currently appearing halfway down the 2nd or 3rd screen and perhaps include bullet points of the more wordy information that follows so that it "hits the reader in the face immediately" - so to speak. Quite often fewer words carry more impact.

As I have been able to gain knowledge from the BLF site & the Community, I have not personally had the need to phone your good selves, but should I need to I would be happy for it to be filmed.

I do apologise if I am "teaching my grandmother to suck eggs" and no offense is intended in any way.


Syl (aka Mapal) :-)

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Thanks for all your feedback and to those of you have volunteered - I will be in touch shortly.

But just to pick up on a few points-

The Helpline pages on the website are going to be condensed and get "straight to the point more" - using the videos is going to feature heavily.

We are limited on what we can put on the Web Community home page provided by Health Unlocked -we wouldn't be able to put the number there.

As for Facebook - yes we have plans to get on there more - Twitter as well.

In 2 months 18,000 people looked at the Helpline page on the website - we haven't had 18,000 calls from people - so obviously the Helpline page is not doing what it should - hence the need to change.

Thanks again


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would only be too pleased to help in any way..as your site as saved my life realy..by the contacts and advice i have been given..and people to talk to...hope it goes well.i have put site imfo on facebook...

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