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Get rid of one crutch, find myself with 2 more

The one crutch being the smoking - yes, we all know that is gone

Now I have 2 crutches, the pain was so bad, I took myself off to the minor injuries unit

Achilles tendonitis is the least I have, they need to rule out a rupture and now I am on crutches and cant do any exercise at all so anyone thinking of doing more exercise than they are used to, be careful and any pain at all, go get it checked as ignoring it like I did, at best it is going to take months to heal.

Oh well, that's life

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Hi, sorry to hear of your injury. I hope it proves to be nothing serious and you recover soon. Take care, Richard

O you poor thing I had this a few years ago it was a side effect of an antiboitic it was so painful I feel for you rest and painkillers hopefuly it won't take to long to heal

Sorry to hear that. You are right, we must all start gradually and o warm up exercises as well as cool down ones. I hope it feels better soon.

Lynne xx

Hate to say "I told you so......." Kat :( However, I am really sorry to hear about the crutches and hope your incapacity doesn't last long, also that you'll be a little more moderate in the amount of exercise you take once your superfit again :)

Crutch very useful if you loose remote control.

Oh damn! So sorry still more time for snuggles, hope you get beck on your feet ;) soon



Take care Kat. I hope it doesn't take too long to get better.

up to 6 months - apparently :( :(

You poor thing! You've got enough to cope with without this happening. Just take it easy and do as you're told or it could go on longer. Best wishes. Libby

Sorry to hear your bad news. hope your pain free soon, just take good care of yourself and use this time for some valuable me time, maybe snuggle up with some good books.Have you any hobbies you can catch up with that you can do while resting.Thinking of you. Best wishes. Auntymary xxx.

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