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is a lung infection more serious than a chest infection

my doc has diagnosed me with a lung infection and i am on antibiotics. is this more serious than a chest infection . any idea how long it will last and are the antibiotics likely to treat the infection. going on holiday in march hoping i will be well enough to fly, i am not on oxygen and can walk quite long distances. thankful for any replies.

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As far as I am aware its the same thing. When you have a chest infection it is in your lungs. Keep taking the antibiotics. I am sure you will be better well before March.

Where are you going?

Bev x


i am going to lanzarote. thank you for your reply.x


As someone who has had numerous lung infections and chest infections, they can be a right pain! My GP tells me they are different things but can be classed as the same thing due to similar symptoms and treatments. What antibiotics are you on? And what dosage? You *should* be fine by March, but I have had some chest/lung infections which have lasted over a month. It really just depends on the severity of the infection you have I guess.


You mention in your profile that you have emphysemia, which is classed as COPD and prone to chest infections, which are the same as a lung infection.

It's very difficult to try and say how long it will last, there's a common phrase on here "Everyone is different" and the symptoms then remedy of one person may not be the same for someone else, if that makes sense.

Your doctor will have examined you and decided how to treat this, antibiotics are the usual remedy, sometimes with steroid tablets. Some infections clear up quite quickly. others can last a couple of weeks or more. It can also be aided or affected by other medication you may be taking, inhalers, tablets and so on.

The BLF helpline can pass you on to one of their trained nurses if you need to chat about this, they can perhaps advise on the antibiotic you are taking and how you feel at present, rather than someone on here trying to best guess. Give them a call 10am - 6pm on 03000 030 555



The short answer to your question is normally you should start to feel better within a couple of days of starting treatment, if you don't then you need to re-evaluate you could call us and go through your symptoms, however on the right treatment you should absolutely be fine for March


Vicky 03000 030 555


thank you everyone. i will phone blf tomorrow. xxx


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