Hi all Healthunlockders Relations ???????????????

Write down how many brothers and sisters you have*******

Write down how many uncles and aunts you have*******

add the number of uncles and aunts together*******

double it*******

add three*******

multiply by five*******

add the total number of brothers and sisters*******

take away fifteen*******

and the number on the right is how many brothers and sisters you have;the number on the left is how many uncles and aunts you have.

The Professor

Richard Cornish


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Details from British Lung Foundation

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  • Tricky because all my aunts and uncles have gone. I have one sister that was right. I was too old to do this, KOTC

  • I forgive you.annie x

  • Relief --- seriously I enjoy these challenges.

  • Same thing annie80 made me feel old when it was how many are left a nice simple one though starting a new week. Another soon as it is ready professor :-)

  • I will put my thinking cap on.

  • Thanks for the brain workout. It works, keep them coming.

  • Pleased to know it's working

  • And me, no Aunts and Uncles just one sibling, still did it putting in a couple of zeros, answer came back one which is correct - couldn't you do one with 1st cousins once removed, I'd be well away then got loads of them.

    Lib x

  • Removed all my first cousins,if I ever had any

  • I am the same as Annie, no aunts and uncles anymore but still got my one sister thank goodness. I love all the fun we are having on here at the moment. Keep it up! xxx

  • Ok Sassy I'm right behind you keep smiling

  • I am smiling Richard at the thought of you right behind me! You make everyone smile. xxxx

  • Keeping us working in a brain gym with as little or as much effort will surely stand us in good stead. Taking my grey matter for a gentle stroll is becoming a part of the routine as the use it or lose it message applies equally here.

  • Strolling just strolling

  • Yes sassy59 is right lots of fun at the moment, brightens up a dreary January day even if I have just realized I'm too old to have any Auntys or Uncles.

    Lib x

  • Let the sun shine bright on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes I know, Auntys should have been Aunties.

    Lib x

  • ???????????? Aunties???????????Aunties,I'm stuck on that one

  • I counted uncles and aunts dead or alive and it worked right!

  • Keep the grey matter working

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