Scales - Gggrrrrrr!

I am dieting to lose the 2 stone I put on when I gave up smoking.

This morning was weigh in day, so 7am I got on the scales in the nudicles as usual and it said I had lost 2lbs. I decided to try again within 5 minutes, still in my birthday suit and it said I had put ON 4 lbs!

So I got my husband to do the same and the same happened to him. So I have bought new batteries today (the one I took out was 2 years out of date).

So when I retry tomorrow, will I have lost or will I have gained? The fickle finger of fate will decide.

Lynne xx

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You will have lost it, not a doubt in my mind (all be it a tiny mind)

The gremlin in the scales decided to play a mean trick on you

I think you would have known if you likely gained weight as you have being losing weight steadily.

My scales have occasionally done similar things too though

Good luck for tomorrow and make sure you update us asap - but I think we will allow you enough time to at least put your dressing gown back on before you let us know;)



Lynne, I was also determined to lose weight. I ate less than a hamster and exercised as much as I could (very little, but it is my best) and the scales continued to argue that I was slowly but surely putting on weight. I have it fixed now though - I threw the bl%%dy scales away!

Good choice :)

I have a Wii Fit but don't tend to use it to weigh. I also ignore BMI for now, although GPs still use it, many experts say its not a good measure to use for individuals, only for general population statistics.

Lynne xx

Oh dear! dieting. It is so difficult when I am not active. I have a husband who likes cooking and he will bring eccles cakes into the house. BUT ---today, I resisted and had two fruity ryvitas.

Well done Annie :)

Lynne xx

Anyone wanting a good on line slimming website, PM me. I dont want to be had for advertising!!

I'm on one too, it's one for counting calories.

Fingers crossed you will have lost weight.......don't forget to breathe in mind lol!

And I will stand on one leg!

good point that........i'll have to try that lol

I restarted my diet efforts two weeks ago,as i went on a diet sept 2010,(ready for my eldest wedding august 2011),and managed to lose 2 and half stone,but stopped the diet last may,along with stopping smoking in august last year,and put on 21lbs,managed to lose 5lb so far,i checked my scales this morning too,as the site i,m on for dieting,,a few people have been having the same trouble as you,hope it was just the battery .good luck on your weight loss,:)

Well I don't know if I should post this but I did my weekly weigh this morning, also in the nudicles and on my up to date digital scales, and I have lost 3lbs and I haven't really been trying. Just haven't had any cakes or chocolates so long may it continue. Ducks to avoid the flying objects! By the way not keen on chocolate lol

Carole x

This made me chuckle,its great when that happens,although,its never happened for me lol x

Well done! No, I don't particularly like chocolate either.

Lynne xx

darn them scales, Im off cigs 9 months today thank God, BUT my weight shot up too, got get 2 stone off, trying hard to cut down and exercise on my indoor cycle, cheers all

its hard isn't it,when you chuck the cigs,to-day all i've thought about is food,but when i smoked ,i hardly thought about it at all. :)

In the past I had always been slighty underweight - but in the last couple of years have put on 2stone. At the chest clinic yesterday, the nurse routinely weighed me and said that my BMI was on the lower end of the recommended section and that I could go home and celebrate with a bar of choc - I said I had been going to have an orange as one of my 5 a day. She said to make it a Terry's choc orange and it would help me put on weight and count as one of my 5 a day!

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