e cigarettes are they the future for smokers

At first it was patches ,gum and lozenges for those that attempted escape from their nicotine addiction, it is now becoming e cigarettes that are taking this desperate market being persuaded that it is not necessary for them to quit as there are no dangers with this product.

Nicotine patches, lozenges and gum are regulated as a medicine a factor that does not apply for the e cigarette which is uncontrolled.

An aid for smokers looking for aids that help cessation (or indeed a safe alternative) or a dangerous risk for lung health that is not fully understood.

All opinions welcome and thanks for reading and contributing if inclined so too do.

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  • It's a topic that keeps coming up here. I last commented on it here: blf.healthunlocked.com/ques...

    Nicotine is the addicitve bit, so patches or e-cigs are alike in keeping that addiction going, which can lead to going back to smoking the normal ciggies or finding out that the e-cigs are just as bad for your health.

    For many years people drew smoke into their bodies without knowing what was in it. Now the dangers have been brought to light the e-cig has been introduced, but people are still sucking in something they have no real knowledge of that hasn't been tested etc.

  • Today is 3 weeks since I stopped smoking.

    I had looked into what options there were and had come across the e cig when researching. Although it was American, there seems to be a question over their safety and the FDA also questions if they are harmful.

    As you said the things that are currently available on prescription are all regulated and we know to be safe. I doubt I would have looked at the e cig anyway but just the very fact it's safety has not yet been proven and is in fact in question would stop me from using it

    I do wonder though, for many who find it impossible to quit with the patches etc, possibly the train of thought would be that they cant be as harmful as smoking the real cigerettes and I can kind of understand that train of thought for some

    I have NRT but only started to use them about a week ago as that was when it started to get a bit tough but I dont miss the physical act of having a cigerette in hand

    Are/were you a smoker and if so, how did you manage to quit?



  • You are an ex smoker and long may it continue, no small achievement.

  • Thank you Dunroamin

    47 years old, the first time in my adult life I have been able to say I don't smoke.

    That feels so good, I wont ever smoke again


  • im 62,i had champix many times and as soon as i finished the course i started smoking again,but the truth was i never completly smoke free.I had a lung reduction and as soon as i was mobile i was smoking again..then i tried the elites and things changed,if i wanted a cigarette i smoked one of those and after a few days i didnt want one of those either.I still keep one charged up in case i need it, up to now i havent.

  • Then you deserve one very large pat on the back and one every day lazydaisy.

    One of the hardest parts of giving up is if you dont want to give up but you know you have to

    I was lucky, at the time I found out I had to, I suddenly wanted to too.

    Keep up the tremendous effort



  • I was a 50 plus a day smoker for many many years. I stopped by convincing myself how pathetic it was and that it was taking over my life (wouldn't go anywhere I couldn't smoke I wouldn't even fly) so I put my cig.money in a tin everyday and when tempted for a cig. counted the cash. After quite a while I had a standing order at the bank and still do 15 years later. We now have a holiday every year with my cig. money. I didn't use anything to help just the determination I felt. Best of luck to all who are trying it really is worth it, I never thought I could do it but I did and so can you.......

  • I hope that 15 years later you are still very proud, you should be, 50 a day to nothing is no easy feat and I may be 15 years late but WELL DONE, I am in awe



  • Best thing I've ever done....so you keep up the good work you'll be so pleased with yourself, I remember the first time someone asked me for a light and I was able to so 'sorry I don't smoke' what a feeling!!!

  • Are the new e cigs for those who wanting to quit or for the smokers that want smoking allowed however they get the drug. I did not want to stop but the x ray showed me why it had to be done a simple choice with no it will be alright only a couple of low tar or anything else.

    More research that lists any problems or advantages before we are where we are with cigarettes that were a healthy thing once.

  • As an ex smoker (1997) I dont miss spending all that money on cigs, and dont miss them at all In fact I hate them. Not at all sure about e.cigs - more money and another crutch. Annie80x

  • According to British Lung Foundation (BLF) on Twitter, as there are conflicting views about the safety of e-cigarettes BLF is currently reviewing the research and will issue a report shortly.

  • The jury is out but it worries me that most are made in China. Not known for worrying about safety!

    I am so glad I have stopped, moreover, I am glad I don't take nicotine in any form so I really do feel I have broken the addiction.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi, I quit smoking after numerous attempts using NRT inhalators and gum. I found it too easy to ignore the inhalator and have to occasional cig. I now use the e-cigs, an American brand and have not been tempted to have a real cig since doing so. I'm not sure what the difference is but they have helped me. I believe the government is trying to get them registered as a form of NRT, this I assume means they get tobacco related revenue from them which they can't get until they are suitably licenced. I think anything that helps keep me off the real poison has got to be good. Take care, Richard

  • I had the same feeling that it would be a part of kicking the habit it has lead me to believe they are for smokers and I wanted to become an ex smoker a quite large distance between the two things. Realising that it was the will to stop smoking not the method was the key for me so far.

  • I have not smoked for 7 weeks. I found that I was very tempted to start again knowing the health risks. I chose to try e cigs. I have spends hundred of pounds on all the other alternatives. I have not smoked a cigarette. I use the e cig when a strong urge to smoke comes. I am hoping that eventually I will not need it. I welcome a proper health review. In the meantime, I will carry on, my chest is better, I obviously don't smell of ciggies. I think that anything that keeps me off the cigs is better!!! Polly63

  • Anything that helps you eventually give up is worth a go....

  • I've not smoked since November 15th, 2012. This was the day I was rushed into hospital to Intensive care with Type II respiratory failure. I've not used anything this time, just not being able to breathe did it for me. In the past I had used NRT and the longest I quit was for 6 months. Congratulations to all who have quit. As for E-cigarettes, there have been reports of not knowing what they actually produce from China.

    Cass xx

  • I endorse what Polly63 says, I too have not had a tobacco cigarette for nearly four months now. E-vapes are by far the best 'quit tobacco' things I have ever used. I know they are unregulated, which makes them a political hot-potato, but they are superb. Smoke is the main killer, I feel so much healthier and look better since starting e-vaping. They cost less, they taste better, they are less lethal, less anti-social. I think the drugs companies and GPs should get on board. Try googling "electronic cigarette uk" and take your pick. BTW, don't buy the cheap, disposable ones - they don't work as well.

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