sorry havent blogged for a while, I've been suffering from side effects of the side effects....and feeling rather grim...still, not so bad today :)

I went to see my consultant last week, and he seems quite pleased with me, he's still concerned that I am sooo tired, so I'm going for some sleep apnea tests soon. He suggested that I pushed myself to excersise more, so I've been going for a walk every (fine) day. Over the last week I've been able to get "round the block" and today I went a little further....I'm planning on building it up slowly over the next few weeks until Im able to do my old route over the fields. I've certainly been sleeping better since I started my walks.

I'm still decreasing my steroids and am down to 21mgs today (was on 40 til November) so far so good and I even think my hand tremours etc are improving...good news for my sewing!!

Work started back a couple of weks ago and I have a really nice class, they work hard and have a good giggle too. The dancers haven't managed to get together yet this year...due to weather and illness...I've told them no excuses this week!

My eldest son is in Barcelona this week with college, he's been made student rep for the trip and as he is the youngest student going.... I'm very proud of him! I hope he has an amazing time and comes home inspired by Piccasso and Gaudi.

hope everyone else is having a good day and breathing easy!

Mrs Shimmy xxx

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  • Good to hear, Mrs Shimmy, that you are feeling better. You were missed. I have noted your walking. I find walking extremely hard, especially as I used to be active. SO! It is well in mind to get my rollator out, but just too cold today. A little extra each day. Annie80xx

  • I think thats the answer Annie, a little extra every day, it is fustrating when you've been active before you were ill though!

  • Hello there Mrs. S. good to see you back and I hope you continue to improve. Quite right to be very proud of your son :)

    Lynne xx

  • Welcome back. Hope you feel less tired soon. x

  • You seem to be doing well Mrs. Shimmy and hope things improve for you. This weather isn't great but you are not letting that stop you. Hope your son enjoys Barcelona as it is a lovely City. Take care. xxxx

  • glad you're fitter again :)

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