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COPD/Severe Post Nasal Drip

Does anyone suffer from a very severe post nasal drip and experience the following (gross I know but fact) - So much PND that it drops down airways to stomach and lungs blocking airways and digestive system that you can hardly breath and you have to clear by sucking action/forcing a vomiting action, this is now really bad and really scary, I wondered if anyone else suffered the same or similar and any advice. thanks x

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I am sorry - not but I think if it is so bad and scaring you - you should make an appointment at the Doctors asap. Take care TAD xx


Hi Carol,

My GP thought I had PND when I first mentioned to her about my constant (at the time) coughing. She prescribed me Beconase Nasal Spray to help dry it up, and referred me to an ENT Specialist.

As things turned out for me, other events took over and I didn't get as far as the ENT Specialist, but it showed me that relatively simple things can be done to treat it.

Forced vomiting really isn't good for you and can lead to all sorts of other problems. Definitely go see your doctor and see what he/she has to say.

Good luck!



Can you say what other things took over that changed from \ent as I too am coughing a lot more than normal, certainly producing more mucus than is normal x


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