Asthma or Copd or both?

I was diagnosed with occasional asthma, several years ago, only came on now and again; Then two years ago diagnosed with COPD, and was very recently an emergency to resuss, gone axphsic (blue) with severe breathing problems. How to tell the difference between the two please? or can you have both? Can allergies cause both? I take antihistamines for Rhinitis. AND, I now have Spireva and Seretide, and Salamol, inhalers. I have a parrot and two cats, and gardening is my hobby, (OUCH!)

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  • You could have both. Not sure why you think allergies can cause them though ?

    Check out the info and advice on the BLF website at

    Perhaps you can call their helpline on 03000 030 555, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. They will take a few details and call you back.

  • Allergies could cause asthma, but not copd.Gordons advice is spot on, good luck,Wendells xx

  • Ps,yes you can have both,i do!!!

  • Hi yes you can have both. I do. (Or did or have). Had asthma for 30 years and was diagnosed with COPD about 3 years ago and given different medication. And at my last COPD check before Christmas was told I am now just out of the COPD range and that my symptons before were probably poorly treated asthma! Mmmm

    Bev x

  • as you say, mmmmm

  • I have both too, although my asthma is mild. Pets might affect your asthma which can be triggered by allergies or stress. I don't think gardening is an issue, I do a lot of it and have an allotment with no problem. The most common cause of COPD is smoking, not allergies.

    As everyone says, a bit of good quality research goes a long way.

    Lynne xx

  • Glad to hear yu do gardening OK, as it's my main pssion. I gave up smoking, but unfortunately, already have the copd.

  • I suffer with both, and have had breathless attacks which were put down to allergic reactions, my problem was black mould, but first question at the hospital each time was 'have you been near any pets or birds' so they must think there is a connection.

  • yes, I used to get asthma when exposed to balck mould where I lived abroad: cured the mould, cured the asthma at the time, didn't have pets then-

  • You can have both asthma and COPD, your respiratory nurse or the BLF helpline will be able to explain to you the difference or the link Gordon provide above may explain things also.

    Here is the page again which explains asthma and COPD, look top right in the list:

  • thank you, most helpful.

  • Hi dirose

    Can i ask what work you do, and do your symptoms get better when you're not at work?

    Just to reiterate what others have said - yes you can have COPD and have an Asthma element at the same time - chronic asthma can develop into COPD.

    Do you notice your asthma/rhinitis symptoms are worse when your around your pets?

    If you would like to give us call we are more than happy to help - 03000 030 555.



  • I am retired, gardening is my main occupation, and no, symptoms are not worse around the pets Jo, as far as I am aware, But I have a parrot, you never know. I was once tested for feathers, result was negative, but then there is dust........don't think I was tested for dust. and two cats. the cold and damp seem to make me breathless, my rhinitis kicks off at garden centers and at supermarkets that sell cleaning products and toiletries, it's all quite confusing, I wish I could pin down the cause of the attacks, though they are not frequent. When should I phone you? (Best times) and what reference should I quote if I do so?

  • I have an asthma component to my copd my respiratory dr said my cough is from my asthma never knew I had asthma until I was diagnosed with copd.

  • thank you for this info, it all helps you know.

  • I have asthma and COPD as well. Luckily for me I have a great COPD nurse who seems to be up to date with new Meds etc. She has also given me advice on how to differentiate between the two. I have an allergy free? dog. my respiratory system has always found long haired cats/ dogs very difficult.

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