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Oxygen use at home (silly question) maybe I have just started using oxygen at home

It is the small cylinder that you use when moving around, that just releases oxygen when you breath in, I know on all the leaflets its definitely no smoking when using oxygen etc, but am i ok to sit in the lounge where we have a gas fire burning on these cold winter nights (obviously not close to it), Any help please

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Not sure but I would think not. The unit should not be used anywhere near a naked flame.

Thanks for replying i,ll give my supplier a call in the morning rather than risk blowing myself up. xx

I have only just come across your question,so you have probably got your answer by now,i am a user myself but i don't have any naked flames in the house.Having worked with oxygen for 33 years i can tell you it is recommended that you must have no combustible material within 20 feet, and keep it well clear of naked flames. Carson.

Thanks for replying , x

no problem o2 does not cause fire

oxygen only promotes fire does not cause fire.FUEL HEAT OXYGEN equates to fire take any 1 from equation NO FIRE

Providing you don't sit close to the fire carolg and your oxygen cylinder is well away from the direct heat, there is no reason why you shouldn't have your gas fire on but, if you are in any doubt whatsoever, I suggest you give your oxygen supplier a ring or perhaps the British Lung Foundation Helpline, tomorrow :)

Thanks for replying, I agree I will give them a call tomorrow, for now i,ll go under the blanket. :-(

Not a silly question at all. If you read the bumph they left it will give guidance somewhere. Mine says to leave a couple of metres between oxygen and naked flames. So if you don't sit too close you should be fine. :)


Thankyou auntymary, can I ask you how long you have been on xygen and does it help and if so in what way, I am on 2litres 15 hours (if poss) !! a day, Im finding it hard to be on it that long, the canular keeps coming out of my nose during sleep, and most mornings I wake up with tram lines on my face from the tube, Im not vain but it does look a bit weird and takes nearly all day to go !!, its all new to me I,m 57 and still try to do as much as poss.

I was 53 when diagnosed and have been on oxygen nearly 7 years now. I use it 24/7 and it becomes second nature. :)

I also had problems with losing the cannula at night early on and needed my nurse to intervene with my oxygen supplier to get me one that fitted better. Or you could use a mask at night? I tried that as well. I had the tramlines too, until I stopped tightening the tube under my chin. I found that once I got the right cannula it stayed in without tightening the toggle under my chin and so .......... no more tram lines (usually, sometimes I sleep awkwardly and they appear but not often). Using oxygen is like anything else in our lives - we adapt. Keep doing as much as you can as exercise is the best thing we can do to help ourselves. Good luck. x


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Thanks for your reply its really good to know someone of your own age etc is in the same or similar position to you, its such a lonely illness, can you believe I was a fitness instructor for 20+ years but I smoked how daft was that, but at present I have an extremely heaviness in my diaphragm area which also impedes my breathing so exercise is very hard, once again many thanks x carol

I sit in front of an open fire with oxygen, and I have to throw logs on - no problems. The concentrator is in another room. I find the cannular comes out at night and have never found a solution.

Lib x

Thanks Libby x

Now how can I explain this understandably (wish we had a drawing facility) I put my head through the loop the cannulla forms so that the tube is at the back of my head, my cannula stays in all night and as long as you don't pull it too tight it will not mark your face, or if it does it goes soon after you get up. I also use it like this round the house as then you have the tube from the concentrator behind you so you are not so likely to trip over it.

Carole x

Thanks Carole. I was prescribed oxygen 15 hours within 24 hour period. I had problems with the cannulla coming loose at night so I will certainly try the loop the other way. Malinka

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Hi Carole Thanks for your reply, I will give it a try I also find the cannister that I carry around when out and about is too heavy, which type do you use when your out n about etc.

The one I carry around is a small cylinder but its cumbersome and quite heavy, Im only a small person and don,t weigh much myself lol x thanks Carol

Just tried Carole's cannulla idea, got very tied up maybe not doing it correctly will have another go. I find the portable cylinders quite heavy too, obviously in the super market it's ok as they go in the trolley but I think there is a pull along trolley you can get for them, ask your oxygen supplier.

Lib x

Yes there is a trolley Lib, I have one as I cant even lift my cylinders ! great when I,m in garden, but you can use a shopping trolley.


I have read with interest all the comments above, I have very recently been given oxygen for task only!! this was fought for by my GP as the consultant was so anti, but as my GP said to him you don't see Marian when she is struggling to move around!I have to say going out is a so much easier and I can actually smile and laugh knowing I am not going to gasp at every move, I have just come out of hospital yet again and am praying with the oxygen and now the community matron I shall have a better life style than I have had for the last year.

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