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Stuck in the snow(now gone)

Went into the town to buy some cat litter (heavy). I managed to get it on the buggy, and was careful to avoid any problems with the snow until I came to a slope. Then I got stuck on a slippery surface. Couldn't go forward so turned off the buggy which started to slide backwards. No panic. Two nice motorists stopped, turned the buggy round and guided me through a busy road. There are such good helpful people around.

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Isn't it lovely when faith in our fellow human beings is restored with acts of kindness



Glad you are okay Annie. xx


It taught me a lesson in human nature. Reading the news which is nearly gloom and doom, these young men that came forward were so helpful. (And good looking too!) There are some good people around but they dont make the news. And lots of them are in this forum. Love Annie x


I have had help like that, I was on top of a pile of mud brought onto the pavement from a bank by a lorry, main road, cars whizzing by, but a white van stopped and a handsome lad got out and pushed me over it. Like you Annie taught me a lesson, especially as a few weeks earlier I had come upon a lorry parked on the pavement I had to reverse to a dropped kerb and a nice lad picking up litter stopped the traffic so that I could go round it to the next dropped kerb, Very good you are thinking, well yes until a bloke in a car sat there with his hand on his horn!!

Carole x


there are some kind people about ready to help

love jan


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