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The bonus for not smoking

I have always struggled to keep my weight at a reasonable level, 5'6" and positively porky if I hit 8 1/2 stones.

Shocker and I assume the stopping smoking is to blame

I tipped the scales over the 9 stone mark this morning

At this rate, by summer, a whole new wardrobe will be required, that would be terrible to have to do that ;)


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Any excuse to get to the shops.Has your dress size increased or is at as Syl says'muscle weight'?


That is a good question

But I have only been in my slobby gear for past couple of days as I can barely walk and my ankle bone has disappeared under the swelling after the dumber than dumber carried on walking when she knew she already had a bad case of tendonitis

But my suspicion is that it is general weight gain

My list for my Dr this week is growing by the day:(


I'm afraid I put on quite a lot when I stopped smoking. I asked my doctor and checked on the NHS website. Both said that smoking does speed up the metabolism, so stopping means the metabolism slows and you gain.

So it's not a myth that giving up = weight gain for some people. I am however counting calories and losing it, slowly. Even my husband who has never carried excess weight put on half a stone. I put on nearly 2 stone, but it's going now.

Lynne xx


Ahh, that would explain why I have gained weight when I don't seem to have been eating more - thanks for that Lynne, it was baffling me a tad since I have not got half a stone of swelling in my ankle.

I am lucky that weight has never been much of an issue for me and in fact having a little extra is advisable with my crohns

I wish you look in your continuing to lose, I am not sure I could be that disciplined




Aha! So this is the cause, I tried to work out the cause of an extra 2 stone, the doctor (in his usual style) said "Try eating less!".

My diet currently consists of tins of soup and bowls of cereals (all high fibre/low sugar). Each 'meal' is about 250 calories so 4 /5 a day for an overweight male

It does seem to be working for me as I've lost half a stone since the start of the year ... biggest bonus is that I can still breathe after eating!

Good luck to everyone dieting


You can do it Kat



I don't like threads like this about weight :( LOL

I have the opposite problem I am struggling to put weight on I should have a backside the size of an house and be as heavy as Tessie as according to me friends and family I have an allergy to anything more strenuous than putting the kettle on and if the settee was on wheels I would be in heaven but my argument is someone has to be skinny and its me that was chosen because I don't care that I look 110 and I am only 105!!




Hehe;) It took me 32 years to find out all I had to do to put weight on was to give up smoking instead of being told by dietician after dietician I had to eat as many cream cakes and unhealthy things as I could



I have told you lot previously I am weird I haven't put weight on since stopping smoking in fact when I first gave up I lost so much my doc sent me for loads of tests. I now weigh the huge amount of 47 kilos I did hit 50 and someone said how well I looked then bugger me I had an attack of the lurgi and bloody lost it again.

If it wasn't for the fact I can take the mickey out of myself I would be so sad :)


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