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Vegetable patch

I am considering growing some veg in our little patch we have not used ever since the children were at home. It would not be a lot only a helping hand with keeping the shopping cost down while putting more fresh food on the table.

Any hints or tips that make this an easier task for a copd'er will affect my thoughts if it ever dries out enough not too rot it all in the ground.

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Any chance of you raising the beds? If you can using anything going this makes it easier and also helps with water retention as the water does not seep straight into the soil but takes a while. A good crop is spinach (you can get an everlasting one lol) then is you can't harvest it it wont hurt in fact any brassicas are good unless you hate caterpillars because they love them too. You could also grow your potatoes in containers. There are lots of ideas have a look at this site


Agree with the raising the beds we have some potatoes in tubs (old barrels with legs on them) that can be covered if they get more rain than is good for them. Carrots do well in a sandy tub that is well drained it is about what is grown when preparing tubs or beds.

Fresh air and fresh food are the rewards of the labour :-)


We have a full size allotment and love growing our own. If mobility is difficult, then raised beds are a good idea. Otherwise, the bending and stretching is good exercise actually.

Depending on space, some crops take up a lot of room and are in the ground for a long time. So crops such as spinach, broccoli, beetroot are good one's to try as with brocolli and Kale, you cut off what you want to actually eat and leave the rest to grow.

We grow carrots in an old bath and salads/tomatoes/spring onions in tubs.

Another idea is to grow upwards. So runner beans, french beans, peas and mange tout can all be grown on cane wigwams and will give a plentiful crop most years that can be frozen.

Lynne xx


Someone with a really bad sense of humour may suggest getting someone else to do it

The idea born from the fact I can barely walk right now



I found some old big blue Ikea bags in my garage last year, I grew carrots in them. Lovely :)


If you check out you can purchase lots of tools like long handled forks that avoid the need to bend as much. Last year I bought a seated trolley on wheels so I can sit and do garden activites. Now is a good time to purchase things for the garden because they tend to be cheaper in the winter!!LOL.

I also have a gardener come in 2 -3 times a year to cut things back; dig over soil etc. all the things I now cannot do - so I just have the fun things like planting bulbs, sitting admiring the garden with a glass of wine.....


good morning good idea, i am a farmer horticulturalist and live in the country if you have any questions ask and i will help i have servere copd and am still able to do it with help, it is good exercise and rewarding, and i believe fresh veg has an effect on your health, or that is what i have found, i would try and keep it simple though and plan what you want to grow before,



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