Coping with sinusitis

I used to suffer from excrutiating sinusitis. I cut down on dairy foods .Use soya milk in cereals, mild cheese, and butter as a treat now and then. I use mayo in sandwiches. Semi-skimmed milk in coffee - limited. Delighted to say my sinuses cleared within a month and have now gone for over 2 years without a head cold. As I am in what my doctor calls the critical stage of COPD this has made a big difference to helping me cope. I am new to this site but hope this is helpful.

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  • Hi boadicea. Welcome to the forum. :)

  • Thanks for that. Look forward to all points of view

  • Hi Boadicea,Welcome Everybodies input is more than welcomed.What seems a little thing to some can be of help to a lot of other Healthunlockders.

  • Thanks for welcome. Hope someone finds this useful

  • Oh gosh how I agree with this as I have posted before my husband, when having an exacerbation, suffered from multiple angio oedema attacks - very frightening for us both. We paid for food intolerance testing on the advice of his physio and found that he had an intolerance to cows milk. So we changed to soya for as many products as we could and, touch wood, he has not had an attack since May last year.

  • As i am new to the site I didn*t reply in the correct way. No matter we learn as we go. Hope your husband continues to be free of angio oedema attacks. It is really good when we find something that helps.

  • Thanks KingoftheCocktails. We try to help ourselves. Although I have COPD the answer to my sinusitis came through deciding that I was really overindulging in butter and became interested in non-dairy cooking. I "cured" the sinus problem and lost 7lbs in weight - an added bonus. We are what we eat is true. Glad to hear this is endorsed by SecondLife and pleased that her husband is doing well with soya products. Thanks also to Puffthemagicdragon for his welcome.

  • hi

    i have rhinitis. how do you cope?

    from kerry29

  • Have not had sinusitis since I started my low-dairy routine. I take semi skimmed milk in coffee - not a lot. I did not completely cut out dairy products but drastically reduced them. It works for me and is such a relief as I had suffered with stuffy sinus since a teenager. Coping with COPD is much easier without that. Hope this will be of help to you.

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