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Hi all Healthunlockders It happened at 65!!! Yes 65!!!

You've got to believe this.

There is lots of new technology regarding fertility nowadays.A 65 year old friend of mine was able to give birth.

When she was discharged from hospital and went home I called round to see her, all excited to see her new offspring.

''May I see your new baby?'' I asked.

''Not yet'', she said.''We will have a brew and a chat first''.

Half an hour went by,and I asked ''May I see the new baby now?''.

''Not yet'' she said.

After another few minutes had passed,

I asked again '' May I see the new baby yet'',getting a little impatient!

''No not yet'' replied my friend and continued with our chinwagging.

Growing very impatient by now Im asked ''Well when can I see the baby?''

'' WHEN HE CRIES'' she told me'


'' WHEN HE CRIES I DEMANDED. Why do I have to wait until he CRIES?''









do your chinwagging at your local Breathe Easy group

It is so easy and free to join BE do it now.

Details British Lung Foundation

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Reminds me of the lost mobile -- ring the number to find it.

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I'm with you Annie,thats my trick !!! xxx

Now I know why you girls always have 2 mobiles!

OMG I know the feeling! Funny. xx

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Youv'e got a funny feeling that ?

roflmao .... perish the thought of a baby @ 65 !!!!

Doesn't bare thinking about

At 80+ I would either shoot myself or contact the Daily Mail. This is a weird thought!!

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lol . . reminds me when others ask

Where did you loose it?


If I knew where I had lost it then it would not be lost . . .lol


Good thinking,I think

The mother must have put the baby in a safe place because when I put things in safe places I can never find them.

Lib x

Just like my missus

The reason they are usually grandchildren at that age is so they can go home again and their parents can find them. A nightmare starting again waiting for the terrible twos and worse teens. That is not an advance in technology it is something that makes us grateful for the lives we have.

Six Five Special coming!!!!

Engine running and up to temperature at the signals.

Great, really funny,keep them coming


Il'll keep them coming down the track

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