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Flixotide Nebules

Hi I've had copd since 2005 and normaly manage with an symbicort turbohaler twice a day, however in Dec 12 I got pneumonia and went into orspital where they put me on a nebuliser 4 times a day. Magic thing, felt 75% better and breathing was a lot easier. Came out and got one and got ventolin nebules from the vet. Really good results. Now 'er indoors has found an article about Flixotide nebules for use in the nebuliser. Found a bit on line but does anyone use or know about flixotide and can you comment please.

Luv Ian

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Hi, I work in a pharmacy and I have never dispensed flixotide nebules. That is not to say that there aren't any! Have you had a look on line?


Info can be found at NHS Choices -


thanks for the info.


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