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Pulmenory rehab - getting better

Thanks again for all those that replied to my last posting about PR course that I was not very happpy with the exercise part of it. I am hanging in there and still attending but spoke to the people running it yesterday and they were really nice and helpful. Going to continue but my exercise regime is going to be modified so that I can cope with it better.

I also mentioned to them that when DLA changes to PIP I am terrified about loosing my benefit. They were very understanding and going to write a report for me to submit. The possibility of loosing the benefit is making me very anxious - DLA enables me to work part time and therefore remain at work as well as additional "perks". For example my local authority will only give someone my age (44yrs) a Blue Badge if they receive High rate Mobility!! If I don't have the badge will be unable to remain in work.....!

Anyway aware starting to waffle now. Thanks again for messages of support.

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no matter what happens carry on with the pr course..


I am pleased to hear you are continuing with PR and that you have spoken to them and found them to be kind and helpful



Keep on keeping on Bevvy :-)



Keep up the good work with your exercise Bevvy. I understand your anxiety about the benefit change over, chat with the helpline about your concerns you will get additional support and understanding from them.

All good wishes


Great work Bevvy!! Always pays to have a chat & get the right program for you.Do hope you go ok, with the benefits change.

Talk to the right people,whom may be able to allay your fears,

Keep up the excercise,Wendells xxxx


Hi Bevvy, good work with the rehab! JoNewton posted a link re DLA the other day; here it is:-

If you have an indefinite award it's good news, as they are not going to review it for PIP until October 2015, so you will be able to relax for a couple of years. Phew! Libby x


Thanks Libby but unfortunately my award is not indefinite - I got it for 3 years then re-applied and got it for another 3 years. Therefore my DLA actually runs out mid July so will be re-applying April. Therefore will be one of the first people affected - scary stuff!! Don't know if can get them to re look at it early?? Certainly I didn't have the COPD diagnosis when last awarded it. Only had that for past year.


Hi Bev, I don't know what disability your award was originally for, although if you now have copd as well it can only be in your favour as far as DLA goes. As jojam says below, be sure you get all the evidence together that you can asap so you are armed (and dangerous!) Libby


Keep it up Bevvy, it will get easier as the weeks go by. Good to know that you have your exercise routine adapted to your needs, this is how PR should be. Try not to stress about the changes to DLA just ensure that you have all the evidence to back up your claim.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


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