Hi Healthunlockders. annie 80's student acadamey!

Brain teaser.If you have a certain colour hair feel free to write it down.

Think of a number.....

Multiply it by three

Add one..........

Multiply this by three..........

Add the number you first thought of.............

Add two......

Take away five.......

Divide by ten.

and the answer is ..







The first number you thought of

Richard Cornish


Don't tease, take your numbers along to Breathe Easy

Join up .Details BLF

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the number I started with


oh flip, you said that at the end;)

no, I have brown hair

Yes we believe you 'Blondie!' Ha Ha.

I think you are right dall05

just got down from the bathroom

having dyed my hair accordingly;)


I bet you look beautiful.Gentlemen prefer !!!!!!!!!!!

I got there - hand on heart. It worked the first time KOTC now for the hidden spelling error written in your own fair hand. See above!

Or were you taking the mick???

Being an academic that would not be a very nice thing for me to do.Would it ?

My last reply seems to have disappeared !!!

Why does Mr anonymous look like he's been beheaded?

And yeah, I got the number I started with. X.

Well done.I will put in your end of term report

I did it, no probs.....

Well congratulaions and jubilations I want the world to know you got it right.

Loved it, very clever!! xxx

They don't call me clever d... for nothing

Now I am confused!

Exactly right Richard and I did it all in my head inspite of my hair colour. Yeah!!! xxxx

That goes to prove that not all??????? are dumb.Excellent result

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