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need to say something feel at a loss

I have written the odd blog before feel I need a fresh viewpoint .

I have pure emphysema(severe) and sleep apnea, I am also a carer for my wife who is quite disabled. I work 25 hours a week as a technician in an aerospace factory,I have been having problems with tiredness recently and I have just taken the last few days off sick (too tired to cope and short of breath) I went to see my doctor who said there is unfortunately nothing more he can do to help, and that maybe I should think about stopping work as I am not really well enough to work and look after my wife. AT the same time the social services dept are threatening to stop my wife's care package as they have budget constraints,and my doctor says that even if i loose my job due to ill health ATOS may still asses me as being able to work. Despite all of this I don't want to stop work! I've always worked, and don't want to give up just yet.

I feel at a loss, if I keep on the way I am, doing two jobs I will become ill,so I will have to stop eventually(but not just yet please) but if I stop work I will be forced to do two jobs by the DWP, I thought I paid NI so that I would be looked after if I became ill not forced to work till I die. I thought the purpose of society was to care for the sick and disabled not vilify them.or am I just feeling sorry for myself as I am a bit down at the moment.? I wonder was life like this in Germany in the late 1930's early 1940's ??

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Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time right now. You are not 'just feeling sorry for yourself'. It sounds like you are doing everything you possibly can to keep on working in very difficult circumstances when you are also looking after your wife.

All the changes that DWP put in for helping those of us who are chronically sick, look after someone who is sick or disabled lose out because the government is determined to cut funding and the people it hits the hardest is those who really need it.

You dont say if you have any treatment for your sleep apnea? I know that can cause severe fatigue and honestly, what you are already doing without your emphysema and sleep apnea, you are going to feel fatigued. I have no idea if or if you have spoken to your GP to find out if there is anything they are prepared to do to help deal with that, maybe oxygen therapy at night that might help the severity of your fatigue that is caused by the sleep apnea.

I think we regularly hear of threats to remove care packages due to funding but more often than not, it comes to nothing and if there is a decision made to try withdraw, simply do not accept it and go straight to get advice. If you need the care package, you need it and it was given to you because you need it.

We did all pay NI so that if anything like this did happen, we would not be in trouble coping yet that is not what is now happening is those most in need not only lose and don't get the help needed, but spend our lives fretting and worrying about what the powers that be are going to do to us next to make our lives as miserable as they possibly can




It seems as though the cutbacks are coming to get us but I will fight tooth and nail to keep the payments I already get. Wev'e yet to see what they will try and enforce upon us but If I could work I certainly would and I only claim because I have to feed my wife and family. Stress is something that directly effects my breathing and there is stress coming just up the road I can feel it building. Dam them polititions who seem to want to bully the weakest!! and look after themselves.


Worrying times gaffers. Tough times too. I know where you are coming from though as I really wanted to stay at work and managed to do so far beyond when others thought I should stop. My advice would be to ring the BLF helpline and let them advise you.


Dear Gaffers

I really feel for you. Bit of a catch 22 you are in. Please don't think for one minute that you are feeling sorry for yourself - you are in a very difficult situation. Would it help or be possible to reduce your hours. Isn't if awful when a GP tells you you are unfit for work but you have to worry at the uncertainty of ATOS acknowledging this fact given by a professional.

Have you seen a consultant about your sleep apnea or your emphasema?

You are quite right gaffers the purpose of civilised society is how well the fit look after the most vulnerable, although you would be excused for feeling this is not the case.

Would if be a possibility to contact your local councillor regarding the care package for your wife, taking into consideration the health issues you are experiencing yourself?

I sooooo hope you can work through this and find a suitable solution.

Love Sue X


Everyone has given great advice and I cannot add to it except to say I wish you all the very best.

Lynne xx


just like to wish you all the best... sounds like so much is going on for you, hope you find a solution soon x


Thanks everyone for the support it helps a lot .

to answer a couple of questions I have seen consultants and I have a cpap machine for the apnea, and the consultant tells me I've lost 60% of my lung surface area but doing better than can be expected under the circumstances, I've been to re-hab and looking after myself as best I can.

But still everyone is right, if I'm gonna go I'll go down fighting, what have I got to loose ? if I end up poor at least I'll be able to look myself in the mirror.

"breathe easy" gaffers


I wish you all the best Gaffer,what a predicament you are in at the moment.Just keep fighting for your rights.You have every reason to be feeling down at the moment.I realy wish you and your wife,a positive outcome. People are very supportive here,so keep blogging! They also have good advice,I cant give you any, as I dont live in the uk,so dont understand your system

Cheers Wendells xx


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