Hi all HealthunlockdersA A bite to eat!

Those of you in my age group will really appreciate this.The rest of you will soon understand what we are laughing about.

I went into Mc D******s this morningand I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6,9 or 12 chickenMc Nuggets

I asked for half a dozen nuggets'

''We don't have half a dozen nuggets'' said the teenager serving at the counter'

''You don't'' I replied.

''We only have six.nine or twelve'' was the reply.

''So I can't order half a dozen nuggets but I can order six''

''That's right.''

So I shook my head and ordered six Mc Nuggets.

(Unbelievable but sadly ....}

Richard Cornish


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:-) :-) :-)


Youv'e got to smile at that cofdrop


Cracked your nugget!!

They don't sell burger and chips either ;-)

Is that true??????????????

The youngster might have struggled with a 'sixpenith worth of chips' then. Nice one King. :)

cripes, what on earth are we teaching our youngsters these days


How to use the net!

Bet they could text it faster than say it though another sign of the times when it means rolling on the floor for a laugh.

Having your ribs tickled whilst on the floor.Oh for the good old days.

a whole new meaning to six of one and half a dozen of the other that old saying would really confuse him

Half & half !

once again oh so funny ,but typical of today's younger generation, why don't they understand our language we have to master thier language !!!!!!!!!!!!

Do they know what a cube is katie oxo?

A Bread shop in our local town used to do a Bakers Dozen - 13, now that would confuse them

Lib x

It would send them maental trying to work that out on the 'puter

Mental is well good man!!!

And yooz a bit be'ind dude cuz we isn't usin them well old P.Cs now cuz we got iphones now an' they is well good, innit.!

Thattold me .I will have to look this up on myI pad.



Like it Bastet sounds like a bit of modern day banter it made me smile anyway.

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