new year

new year

i was going on holiday for new year(torquay with national holidays) instead 30th dec another exaberation, ended up in hospital for 4 days now then for the last 6 years we have gone away for new year ,first time i ended up in hospital in france ,third time hospital in torquay now this time at least idn`t travel far only to my local hospital ,next year i`m cutting out the middle man (national holidays) and am booking ward 31 in my local hospital,save my self some money

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  • Poor you. Maybe pick a different time of year for your holiday. That will fool it!

    Lynne xx

  • happens any time ,its not disrciminating this c.o.p.d.

  • Awe that's a shame whit. Guess the warmer months might be better for gallivanting. Shame though. Hope you're a lot better now - well enough to get out the hol brochures.

    Love C x

  • i`m looking at them now

  • Sorry to hear of your bad luck whit :( Have to say I agree with Lynne, book a different time of year as New Year seems to be jinxed for you.

    Hope you're feeling much improved now ? :)

  • thanks for your replies, unfortunately it happens any time of the year nand yes thanks feeling better

  • That nasty little Bug dosn't want to go out and be merry New Year, not alot you can do about it.

    Very annoying for you.

    Lib x

  • 'Whit' its called New Yearitis, Its a complain't I have suffered with on the last two New Years, both times ended up in hospital. If you can arrange being in Worcester next year, I'll see you there and we will have a Party of Party's to make up for the one's weve missed out on. By the way bring a bottle!! or three. :)

  • will have to see what i can do

  • Shame you had your holidays spoiled Whit, hope you can keep strong and well for your next holiday.

  • Two years ago I was in hospital New Years Eve, the nurses had bottles of whisky, Baileys, gin etc on the tea trolly, which I thought was jolly good of them - not many of us had a cup of tea!

    Lib x

  • Ha ha! This happened to me, I had to cancel my last two hols at the last minute due to being in hospital. Last one was five years ago and haven't bothered since! Libby

  • What a shame .Torquay is such a beautiful place any time of year.Torbay hospital was where I found out I had COPD

  • So glad you can laugh about it.Yes, all these fears crop up. Finding it difficult to see positives when all the negatives are in front of me. 3 years with COPD and getting worse,despite giving up the fags in Stoptober.Never felt so ill. A soon as the snow clears, I'm off to the docs with a list of things I need i.e. new spacer, peak flow meter also to say my inhalers are no longer doing the job. Any other suggestions?

  • as they say chin up and keep taking the pills ,i always think there is lots of people in the world worse off than me

  • RM46 Try some Pulmonary Rehab, ask your doctor to refer you, it certainly helps. 13 yrs with COPD now stage 4 and still smiling you can't let it get you down stay positive, I am , I am 70 yrs young, on oxygen 15/24 but I am still alive, getting out and about and enjoying life as best I know how!

  • Good on ya Carole and what an inspiration you are. xxxx

  • Hope you have the chance of a great holiday very soon whit. Take care. xx

  • Hi Whit I live in Torquay! Torbay hospital quite good isn't it? Lol :)

  • well it was a few years ago when i was in there and the ward i was on was for people with breathing problems ,i don`t remember what number it was , but i do remember it seemed as though it was tagged on to the end of a main thorough fare to other wards and the food was atrocious, even the girl dishing it out said she was sorry for it.let`s hope it has improved

  • Ahhhh the secret is to be fit enough to go to the hospital canteen. The food is much better there x

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