Daily Mail article today:-

Last year my son was looking after two little zebra finches for a month and they were kept in the lounge. I was convinced my breathing had become worse during that period and was glad to see them go home!

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  • Some birds make my breathing race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who's a cheeky boy then?!

  • Chirp chirp cheeky cheeky me.

  • Young birds are the ones that need watchin for if the memory is not playing tricks again

  • King of the Cockatiels?

  • I had the same problem a few years ago libby and had to re-home a cockatiel (JoJo) that I had adopted from someone who was moving to Spain and didn't want to take the bird with them. She had lived with us about 3 months before I realised that whenever I was in the room which contained her cage, my breathing became very laboured.

    JoJo is now settled happily with my partner's mum and when we vist we can only stay up to an hour before my breathing is affected.

  • My sister is asthmatic and one of her triggers is birds.

    Lynne xx

  • Very sad article so sorry this poor lady sufferd so much in her final years I dont think it sounds like the poor bird had much of a life being confined to a cage it obviously was not socialised. I used to have 2 canaries ironically a present from my hubby for giving up smoking, however my consultant strongly advised me to rehome them as he said with 2 problems with my lungs and a blood problem I could not afford, to take any risks as most people in the medical proffesion do not like people with existing lung problems keeping birds apparently it quite common among pigeon owners and is known as pigeon fanciers lung.luckily i managed to find a good home for the canaries.

  • I used to help my sister at Christmas pluck turkeys, we wore masks but only comfort masks. My chest always went really bad I felt as if my lungs were full of dust, shouldn't have done it, blame some of my condition on this. and have heard the same with all our feathered friends.

    Lib x

  • I look after my sister in laws parrot when they go away, (in their home and I don't stay) and I always suffer.

  • I used to have a cockatiel called hissing sid but he had to go to new home because of my breathing.

    polly xx

  • My daughter has an African grey parrot and my chest always feel tight when i come home.

    But it is worth it as. My sides are usually splitting with laughter after listening to all the things he says and does.

    He's usual greeting is "Show me your knickers" and "What are you doing now?".

  • That brought back memories. When my son was 3 we went on holiday to Tenerife and visited Loro Parque (parrot park). We were having a drink in one of the open air restaurants which overlooked a huge aviary full of parrots, when one shouted out "show us your knickers"! It was so funny, especially as you wouldn't expect a parrot in Tenerife to speak English (or maybe you would!) and we couldn't stop laughing. Big mistake, my son spent the rest of the day shouting out "show us your knickers" to anyone we passed! He just wouldn't stop. Oh,the shame! They must have thought we were terrible parents!

  • Glad I read the link Libby as I feed about 130 birds twice a day. I cannot go into the Park anymore as concerned about getting poo on my shoes and bringing it into the flat. Not for myself but for the Cats. (indoor variety) I feed them now from my window,part of my flat is in the Park,and before reading that link my heart sank as I love watching them and feeding them every day. The Cats sit on another windowshelf watching them and they too spend hours watching thier antics. Mostly Ducks and Geese but some Doves and Pigeons too. Very important information, some Doctors don't like us having Cats and one even told me to get rid of mine. I got rid of the Doctor. Cats are part of my medication and like the Birds give me a reason to get up in the morning. However, I will take that info. on board and will wear a mask when feeding the Birds in future. It will scare the hell out of the Dog walkers in the mornings!!

    Lily,Billy & Jane

    ps. Cold turkey on the smoking did not work, only lasted four days, so have cut down bit by bit. Down from 20 to 10 since 4th January. baby steps.

  • Hi Jane, I am not sure, but I think feeding the birds from your window shouldn't cause you any problems, when we had the birds at home for a month, I did notice my breathing seemed a bit worse. Unless you notice a difference, or find out info to the contrary, I wouldn't stop doing something that gives you so much pleasure, not to mention Lily and Billy! Well done with the cigs, I gave up 3 years ago this month, after 40 years and trying umpteen times, I found it easy the last time, probably because I was on my last legs! Used nicotine lozenges. My son has given up with Zyban from the doc, so I hope he keeps it up. Couldn't have done it cold turkey, and I never threw my cigs out - I did in fact light about 6 during the first couple of weeks but quickly put them out as they just didn't taste right. Still fancy one now and then though, but it only lasts a second or two. Keep trying, it will make a big difference. Libby

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