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Two invaluable products

I have always been a snuffely person even as a child. Now I have Emphysema to contend with. Two things which have really helped me, apart from the usual handy saline spray (called Fess here in Oz) - this helps unblock my nose, especially in the morning; and believe it or not, chewing gum - I get through packets of the stuff as it keeps my mouth moist, as I tend to be a mouth breather. It is good to keep my mouth moist when exercising and also stop a dry throat. Just a few thoughts.

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Hello Martin, I'm an emphysema suffers and a mouth breather too with a very dry mouth especially at night. Thanks for your ideas. Any for night? Tongue like a bit of sandpaper when i wake up. Take care. Marilyn x

Hi Marilyn, If I wake up at night (which I often do, to go for a pee - I guess you really don't want to know that LOL) I give each nostril 3/4 squirts of saline and a swig of water to lubricate my mouth. Also when I wake up in the morning I reach for my squirter! Take care Martin

I use a salt water spray in the morning clears everything, then have a good blow.

Lib x

My husband uses a product called AIRWAVES a chewing gum with menthol and ecualyptus that really helps him. TAD x

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