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Need a bit of help/advice please

I came out of hospital on Xmas Eve, having spent 2 weeks there, on Bipap and anti bioethics,usual tests gases etc.i was on strong antibiotic when I came out and they at long last cleared my wheeze. I have also stopped smoking,although I am using electronic cigs when needed. I did a stupid thing yesterday, I live in Wales and we have thick snow here. I needed some food shopping so instead of allowing my husband to go, I insisted on going with him. He wasn't very happy. We went in the morning, I did cover my mouth, however by the afternoon I was shivering and couldn't get warm. I went to bed fell asleep with hot stones. I stayed in bed until this morning. Felt loads better today again until the afternoon, breathing was laboured especially when I moved around. I am exhausted, am I just a whimp or should I be looking at anti biotics. I did take paracetamol to bring my temp down. We are due to go abroad on hol in a month. I don't want anything to spoil it.

Please help thanks


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You may just have got too chilled, or it may be the start of another infection, or it may be something else entirely. I think you need to see your GP. Get well soon. x


I need to listen, I probably got too chilled, did too much. Thank you for your reply


If you were in hospital due to an exacerbation brought on by infection then it will probably take you anything up to 8/10 weeks to recover from it. This was the advice given to me by my respiratory consultant when I was hospitalised round about Christmas time 2011 through to February 2012.

I was warned to 'take things easy' and not go 'dashing about' for at least that amount of time. Those of us with breathing difficulties tend to think that once the infection is gone, hat we are back to 'normal-ish', but that's not the case I'm afraid.

Do take great care for the next few weeks and you should be ok for your holiday :)


Thank your lain., yes I was in hospital thro' exacerbation. I do hope that I am not getting another infection and it is because I have done too much


Paracetamol - fine.

Antibiotics - do you need them?

Keep the emergency supplies for emergencies, when you know you need them. And you will usually know.

As Elian says, you need to rest, get over the last infection before you try and give yourself a new one :)


Thank you, you are right. I have done too much. That is why I am falling asleep in the afternoon. That had stopped. Polly(63


Take extra care Polly,rest up, and enjoy your lovely holiday soon xxx


Thank you. When I am told to rest I don't really know what not to do. For example can I do some exercises like warm up from rehab gentle exercise from Xbox, does it mean no heavy housework like vacuuming, no heavy lifting. Can anyone explain this in greater detail please. I have read your helpful comments to others Wendells and I value your opinion. Thanks Polly


Hi Polly, thanks for your kind comments! Well i'm not an expert,but feel sure heavy housework,vacuuming, would definetely be out of the question for a while! Maybe a bit of dusting, cooking,reading etc,would be more the go!

GENTLE excercise,would still be important, to keep those muscles working,moving those arms and legs etc,whilst still sitting.Even moving the feet up and down.

Sorry I am not a lot of help, but you must look after yourself,dont go out, if it is realy cold,maybe some extra vitamins,would not go astray,Best of luck to you anyway,

Love Wendells xxxx


Polly63 - I hope that you start to feel much better really soon. You say that you are going abroad on holiday in a month. Are your travel insurers aware of your medical condition and that you have recently been in hospital? If not, then if you get into difficulty when on holiday then they will not pay any claims.


Hi yes they are. I had to use a specialist health insurance company. Thanks for the concern


I would have thought, if you were told to rest Polly, the most you should be doing is just pottering around the house, make a cup of tea, not much more energetic than that

And I know that often does not feel right but sometimes, you need to do that so that you can recover and do more



Thanks, but I feel a fraud, then struggle and feel stupid. I need to find a happy medium.Polly



I was told the other day I do not in fact have COPD so you may think I have no right to offer advice.

I do however have a chronic illness that I have suffered from since I was 18 and it plays havoc on me and fatigue is a chronic problem.

I know when I feel like that, it is important to keep going and I do

What I really struggle with is when I have suffered a complication that has made me ill, to actually sit back and take it easy to recover.

I have ignored that so many times and it has taken so much longer to get over it and start to feel better so it has cost me.

You are no fraud Polly, you have come out of hospital very recently and were in there for a good reason.

I know it is really hard battling with that feeling that you should be up doing things but honestly, try to put the guilt aside. You have even more reason to do what is right for YOU at the moment with your upcoming holiday.

Grit your teeth and dont do anything more strenuous than making a cup of tea or just going to the toilet or having a bath. You will recover quicker and you stand a much better chance of being well enough for your holiday, otherwise, you will end up beating yourself up if you are not well enough to go.

And if you are still feeling very unwell, you do need to see your Dr, just in case you are brewing another infection



Thank you for the advice, you are correct, but it isn't easy



Hi Polly63 I agree with Katlover just rest you are not a fraud you have been very ill and it takes some considerable time to recover, each time you get exhaused it will set you back and it is not fair on your hubby if he is looking after you and you are not looking after yourself.

Think about that holiday and just chill.

polly xx


Yes you are right thank you


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