would the lung flute help me

hi, i am due to have surgery but the pre assesment didn't go well i now have to go to cardio clinic to improve my lungs. in the past after surgery my lungs collapse and need the docs to get things working again. i have mucus and cough and sometimes up it comes, its clearish i am an ex smoker. would the lung flute help me clear my lungs or would it do more harm.

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  • I think a chat with the BLF Helpline would be most useful to you takeabreath and would suggest you give them a call tomorrow :) One of their nurses would be happy to advise you on this particular question.

  • thankyou for your reply will do

  • I agree with Elian. If your doctors haven't suggested it maybe ask them about it too. x

  • yes will do thankyou for your reply i am going to the cardio team tuesday to help with my lungs gentle workout they said. we will see ha ha.

  • It's not an answer but please what is a lung flute?

  • not completely sure how it works but apparently it helps remove mucas off lung by sending vibrations down into the lungs and helps loosen the mucus. if you type in lung flute on the internet it will tell you more. sorry but only just found this my self.

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