Hi Healthunlockders, This is for annie80's intellectual friends(and others)

1) Pick a number between 1 and 10 (including 1 and 10).

2) Multiply your number by 9.

3) Add the digits of the number created in step two.

4) Subtract 5 from the number created in step three.

5) Find the letter in the alphabet that corresponds to the number created in step four

EXAMPLE; 1=A,2=B,3=C.........

6) Pick a country in Europe that starts with the letter you found in step five.

7) Pick an animal that starts with the last letter of your country.

8) Pick a colour that starts with the last letter of your animal.

9) Let me GUESS what you got!!!






Is it an orange kangaroo from Denmark?


Richard Cornish


take this animal to your local Breathe Easy group

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21 Replies

  • Nope lol. I only got as far as the 15th letter being an O and now Icannot think of a country beginning with O, so I am stuck :-(

  • What a shame

  • Hullo, Prof. ended up with yellow! Now what. bye from Annie80

  • Stay up until you get the correct answer

  • Erm..........an amber raccoon from Dominca.

  • What planet are you on Hee Hee

  • Obviously one that cannot spell Dominica. Doh!

  • No......an azure koala from Denmark !

  • What planet are you on Hee Hee

  • An amber koala from Denmark but kangaroo was on my list...

  • Are you on the same planet as ivy leaf?

  • No, we just have broader imaginations... Ha!

  • bit delayed on this reply, but I got an amber Koala from Denmark too a Kangeroo never crossed my mind.

  • Never mind better luck next time.Shall we start with 2=?= 4.HEE HEE

  • Have you got something against koalas, Richard???

  • No I don't have anything against Koalas I think they are nice and cuddly..Just like you x

  • I shall stay as quiet as a 'mouse' on that ?. Orange is orange is orange!!

  • Tangerine orange... or blood orange?

  • I thunk you are after my blood!!!!!!!!

  • I got orange kangaroo from denmark!

  • Make sure you take it back won't you?

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