falling off the bus seat

thought i would share something i was on a bus going to durham we got going and half way there the bus turned the corner. has it did so i fell off my seat and banged my knee on the floor landed with my head in my grand daughters knee. she nearly wet her self with laughing i had to laugh myself has it did not look right . when i got off the bus my granddaughter was still laughing her head off. i mentioned it to the driver who said there is something wrong with the bus and that he came out of his seat twice. i got home and as usual everyone iv told has laughed at me. however i do think iv pulled some muscle in my groin has its felt a little painful since. i think next time i go on a bus i shall sit on the inside of a seat not the outside.

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  • oh i am sorry i hope you didn't hurt yourself, but i had to laugh sorry, xxx

  • i must admit i could not help but laugh myself at it and no i haven't had any long lasting pain

  • that is a definate ouch

    if it is still painful in a couple of days, you should get it looked at


  • yes the pain has gone now so no long lasting effect ha ha

  • Feel mean now - because I had a laugh too! Do sit on the inside next time! AND I agree with Katlover if it is still painful go to the Doc. TAD xx

  • i have to say it was funny all you saw was me falling my seat and landing with my head in my granddaughters lap she just burst into laughter and said nan what you doing ha ha ha

  • Oh dear Pearl, it does sound mean, but I had to laugh!!

    On the serious side, do hope you are not having any long term effects.

    Take care please,Wendells xxx

  • no got no long term effect had enough first hand experience with a lot of mishaps if not mine someone easels ha ha pleased it made you laugh though and will not be repeating it again in a hurry xx

  • Had to laugh about this and will watch where I sit when I go to Durham, 9 miles is a long way to be watching out for bends. However, I have to say that if the driver said that something was wrong with the bus and that HE had come out of his seat, then why was it in service? I hope that you aren't in too much pain and that you get some relief. I also hope that you make

    a claim against the bus company for they are responsible for you safety whilst you travel on their buses, regardless of where you sit. x x x

  • oh im ok hun and i will be staying on the inside of the seat in future ha but yes your right he should not have had it on the road as for claiming i doubt il do that huni because only pulled a muscle and it fine now so no long lasting effect in fact i never bothered going to the doctors to get it check by the time id have gotten a appointment for it it would have been next week

  • Glad that you are ok, Pearl. I know what you mean about waiting for a doctors appointment. Just as long as you aren't in too much pain, that's the main thing. Take care :) x

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