'Sun a Rise Early in the Morning'

'Sun a Rise Early in the Morning'

Spreading all the sun all around. (Have camera will play) This was the view this morning from the bedroom window and it was made all the better by my lung's behaving themselves. I was operating quite well without oxygen and it was Tuesday, which meant Breath Easy work out day. Well it was cold out there but It has to be done so I got myself sorted and off I went. The lungs did'nt let me down and even the sit too stands,Knee's to hands and stacking the shelves were carried out without the usuall suffering. Ok I was on 6 litres of oxygen supplied by my trusty rocket pack but I felt so much better than normal. Living with this disease is full of ups and downs as we all know and today was an up day for me. For the rest of today I've been off oxygen and even cooked a curry while doing a little singing theropy at the same time. I hope you all had a good breathing day like me and lets hope it continue's into tomorrow. :)

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What a lovely photo, I'm so pleased you had a good day. x

Yes lovely pic! Do hope the days continue to be good for you xxx

Great post. Spot on that emphysema is full of ups and downs. it seems this condition will rain on our party at a moments notice. Then lift making us feel better just as quick. Essential to have an interest and a hobby to keep our spirits up, and to enable us to get out and have some activity. For that reason my main hobby is photography. Now have three cameras with lots of gear for them and love nothing else but getting out and taking nice images. Keep going and fingers crossed you get lots of really good days:-)

I have such incredible good and bad days that it's quite remarkable seems to be the same with everyone.

Lib x

It's true, you do have such ups and downs (and quite rapidly too) that I think people sometimes think you're putting it on when you're bad. Having said that, people say stupid things to me all the time, my own sister said to me a while ago, "Well, the woman across the road from us has copd and she gets out and about all the time, I don't understand why you can't". Libby x

Great to hear a positive post! And the common theme - enjoy the good days! Fab picture. So pleased to hear you had a good day. May you have many more. TAD xx

Keep on taking pics they are realy good, I have taken a few of the snow,very pretty! in fact I think I'm filling up my computer with pictures lol! so pleased for all the good days,may you be blessed with many,many more! :) x

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