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Six monthly check with respiratory nurse

Went for my check-up yesterday and my FEV1 is now 27% which is down by 3% so I am now Stage 4, but as I don't feel any different I am not worrying too much. I got the results of my bone density scan and now find I have osteopenia so have a visit booked to Gp to have vitamen D and calcium and to see if I can be prescribed Omnyphilin, also my left foot is permanently swollen with fluid even though my right goes down overnight and I am on diuretics, the nurse thinks it is because I had an operation on my left leg to have a melanoma removed which can mess up the lymph system, but wants the Gp to check that out as well. I am very lucky to have such a good surgery!

Carole x

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You are lucky to have such a good surgery! I agree with you - don't worry if you are feeling OK. My husband is about the same as you finding it difficult in this cold weather but is OK. Funny I think he is better than he has been for about four years yet this FEV1 is the same level as yours (declined from about 59%). Hope you continue to be well for many more years! TAD xx


Hi Carole, its all about how you are feeling, numbers are for the professionals and if you feeling good thats all that matters.

polly xx


I agree with polly


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