i am desperate for help

ii have emphysemia but i am not on oxygen. i walk my dog twice everyday but since i started to use inhalers anti depressants and heartburn tablets when i was diagnosed about 20 weeks ago i keep getting a lump in my throat and think i am choking. it is not there all the time but mostly. i also get like a chemically taste. my doc cant get to the bottom of it. any suggstions please

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  • Hi

    I would suggest you call the BLF helpline tomorrow -03000 030 555 - have a chat with one of the nurses - they won't be able to say what the problem is but at least give you some ideas of what you need to go back to your GP and talk about.


  • thank you Mark

  • Check whether you can take heartburn medication at the same time as the other meds, you may need to take the heartburn medication separately from the rest. Take care, Richard

  • I get this all the time and the GP puts it down to me having a Hiatus Hernia. But recently it has escalated to the point where just trying to swollow food is a nightmare. Last week I was on soups, mainly chicken and I had to keep having gulps of water to push the bits down my throat. I have recenlty restarted my diet and I only eat saladsnow, no meats or fish, not even cheese or anything. I chop it up so small and it takes me an hour to eat it, so it is driving me crazy. I am loathe to go back to the GP over it. He is a brilliant doctor and I am always singing his praises but I do not want the hernia blamed again. But look at it this way I should be like twiggy in a few months, and I do not mean Twiggy from the Royle family lol. But for you I would get it all checked out and it is a good idea to ring BLF and get some insight of what ou should be discussing with your GP. I really hope you get it sorted very soon, I hate having the lump in the throat feeling 24/7 xxxxx

  • thank you everyone for your responce to my question. i have since discovered i have a lung infection and i am taking antibiotics. hopefully these will help.xx

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