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Hi all HealthUnlockders Chocolate to stimulate the brain!!

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1 Pick the number of times a week(1-7)that you would like to have chocolate

2 Multiply the number by 2

3 Add 5

4 Multiply by 50

5 If you have not had your birthday this year,add 1753;if you have,add1754

6 Subtract the four-digit year in which you were born.

7 Add the number of years it has been since 2004

You should now have a three-digit number.The first digit is how many times a week you would like to have chocolate.The next two numbers are your age

The Professor

Richard Cornish


pop along to your local Breathe Easy with this one.

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oh dear! I took 20 years off my age. I wish - maths weren't up to it.

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libby7827 in reply to

Your're lucky, I managed to put 15 years on and that was with the calculator on my phone! Will try again tomorrow.

Watch the phone bill

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KingoftheCocktails in reply to

You must try harder Annie

Spot on ! :)

Top of the class

Got it right with the help of the calculater on my laptop, not too bad since it is 8.00am and I am only on my first cup of tea..

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KingoftheCocktails in reply to

Very good for an exblonde

Just got to go and find the calculator won't be long

Lib x

Spot on

Lib x

How many attempts?

Done it twice and I am only 3.Must try harder

3rd time lucky.I have done it.Feel better now

You are a trier !

Did not work for me tried three times on the calculater, it was only slightly out however.Good because it made me younger

At least you tried

More cerebral challenges, please, King. I need all I can get in this sort of weather. !!

Well I give up, I do not think I ahve got two good brain cells to rub together tonight xxxxx

Have a good nights sleep your brain must be getting dizzy trying to work it out!!!!!

My brain is ALWAYS dizzy lol. My daughter and her health keep me so busy I have no brain cells left to spare anymore xxxxx

Your daughters health is of paramount importance Ozzy


yes, paramount indeed Richard. But now I am having a bit of me time. That involves drinking coffee and waiting for emails to drop in. Oh what a sociable life I lead :-)

Wow, how does that work then? Got it first time by the way!! Not that I'm a big head!

Somebody with nothing to do other than eating a box of chocolates must have worked it out

What size hat do you wear????

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