Hi all HealthUnlockders Chocolate to stimulate the brain!!


1 Pick the number of times a week(1-7)that you would like to have chocolate

2 Multiply the number by 2

3 Add 5

4 Multiply by 50

5 If you have not had your birthday this year,add 1753;if you have,add1754

6 Subtract the four-digit year in which you were born.

7 Add the number of years it has been since 2004

You should now have a three-digit number.The first digit is how many times a week you would like to have chocolate.The next two numbers are your age

The Professor

Richard Cornish


pop along to your local Breathe Easy with this one.

25 Replies

  • oh dear! I took 20 years off my age. I wish - maths weren't up to it.

  • Your're lucky, I managed to put 15 years on and that was with the calculator on my phone! Will try again tomorrow.

  • Watch the phone bill

  • You must try harder Annie

  • Spot on ! :)

  • Top of the class

  • Got it right with the help of the calculater on my laptop, not too bad since it is 8.00am and I am only on my first cup of tea..

  • Very good for an exblonde

  • Just got to go and find the calculator won't be long

    Lib x

  • Spot on

    Lib x

  • How many attempts?

  • Done it twice and I am only 3.Must try harder

  • 3rd time lucky.I have done it.Feel better now

  • You are a trier !

  • Did not work for me tried three times on the calculater, it was only slightly out however.Good because it made me younger

  • At least you tried

  • More cerebral challenges, please, King. I need all I can get in this sort of weather. !!

  • Well I give up, I do not think I ahve got two good brain cells to rub together tonight xxxxx

  • Have a good nights sleep your brain must be getting dizzy trying to work it out!!!!!

  • My brain is ALWAYS dizzy lol. My daughter and her health keep me so busy I have no brain cells left to spare anymore xxxxx

  • Your daughters health is of paramount importance Ozzy


  • yes, paramount indeed Richard. But now I am having a bit of me time. That involves drinking coffee and waiting for emails to drop in. Oh what a sociable life I lead :-)

  • Wow, how does that work then? Got it first time by the way!! Not that I'm a big head!

  • Somebody with nothing to do other than eating a box of chocolates must have worked it out

  • What size hat do you wear????

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