Well, I didnt keel over but boy, a tough day and 2 not so nice delivery men

I took delivery of my treadmill this morning. Two men with a dolly thing because this thing weighs almost 90kg and it took some effort to get it indoors.

Husband away in India, told them so and joked how it was going to be funny my doing it all on my own given how heavy it was.

Boy, did they laugh with me. They then dumped it in the middle of my dining room

And left

I am 8st soaking wet and this thing is 14 stone, you know, just an offer if I needed any help would have been nice.

I am so non judgemental and I dislike anyone who judges others but now I am going to be a b****, based on the fact the ignorant 'bleeps' would not lift a finger, not even to do what I later found out they were supposed to do - unpack it but one of the guys could do with a few decades on a treadmill himself, he could barely fit through my door but flip me, two blokes just dump it and leave me to it.

Anyway, I have no issue with overweight people, just this one because if he didnt help because he was not able, then he should not be doing the job

and then he told me that he was pleased that my house did not smell of cats (cat pee he meant), I have 5 indoor burmese cats and he told me it was nice that he came in and could not smell cat p as he does in some houses.

Rant over.

Now, my treadmill

Apart from the fact my face is still burning from the activity, boy, is using that as opposed to jogging around the house different and now, I am totally wiped out

i have been on it twice. first time, just a quick trial and I did 0.5km in 10 mins

I have not long got off after managing 2.5km in 37 mins, varying it from 3.5 to 5.5kmph.

It is going to take some getting used to, I havent quite got the hang of jogging on it yet but very brisk walking is pretty good

So I have done a grand total of 3km today, and of course, set it all up and got it in a more sensible place than where they left it

Other than the fact its size is going to get some getting used to

I love it


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  • I found out at PR that it's harder on a treadmill. I also had my feet too far back from the front. It was a bit better keeping more upright rather than leaning forward. I hope the local hospital is going to contact me soon as they have a kitted gym I can use.

  • Meow!

  • Hi, this happened to me a couple of years ago with a couple of couches. They didn't even want to bring them inside despite being able to see I couldn't possibly manage. Eventually, they brought them in but their attitude, one of them in particular, was disgusting. I complained to the company but never received a response - however, I discovered they'd refunded £40 onto my credit card! May be worth complaining? Good luck with your treadmill, can only do you good - don't overdo it, you often only realise how breathless you are once you stop moving! Best wishes. Libby

  • Brilliant Katlover, Now make good use of it untill the weather improves and then you can get outside and do the real thing. I get the feeling you have energy for all of us,so do a few km for me please. :)

  • Consider the 3km I will do tomorrow (but not until after my spirometry), just for you


  • While I put my feet up, Yeh sounds good! :)

  • Well done you! I would love a treadmill at home if I had the space. The delivery men were clearly absolute pillocks but you did it.

    Well done on the amount of exercise too. I love treadmills at the gym and I hate it that some days when I arrive, the gym bunnies are hogging them for well over an hour.

    Lynne xx

  • Last year I ordered a new bedside cupboard - not a flat pack - a solid oak one, when it was delivered I told the men that it was to go into the front bedroom, they looked at me as if I had grown horns and they told me "Oh we don't take fings up t'stairs" I said "surely a clue is in the item - bedroom furniture!! Again they said "Oh we aint insured like" so I said fine just load it back into the van then and return it to the store!! Guess what they took it up stairs they were just trying it on - the buggers but I wonder how many people (women) would say ok then I will find someone to do it for me well not me thats for sure!

    As for your treadmill good luck I would love one but I am a bit OCD about space - I hate clutter and I am tieing myself in knots thinking about where it could go - at least that is my excuse LOL

  • I have been lucky enough come across some very helpful delivery men, but your two are a disgrace! I think it would be great if you feel up to complaining to the company that employs them. If you got some money back, that would be great, but also the company may not know how badly they are doing their job and giving the company a bad name. They deserve a ticking off and to be told to treat future customers with a bit of respect.

  • I hope you enjoy the treadmill. Good for you!

  • how did you find out they were supposed to unpack it ? were they supposed to put it where you wanted it ?

  • rather late in the day, I read the delivery terms on the site where I bought it from - I read them after I had to tick boxes as to what was and was not done- ie, ticked the not unpacked etc etc

  • But I bet if they thought you would slip them a few quid they would have done it pronto. I would complain as they are supposed to unpack it so you can check for any damage xxxxx oh and well done on how much you have done already xxxxx

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