Re-FEV 1 Tests

I have just received the letter my consultant sends to my G.P from when I saw her in December, she wanted lung function test done again after my bout of Pnuemonia back in the summer and the results are in the letter.

I have felt really well since October (touch wood) so when I saw her I was really upbeat and waiting to start PR, the test results are 23% FEV1 in December but 30% in September so I've gone down but feel better than I have in ages.

Any ideas.


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  • Never mind the figures kimmy, it's how you're feeling that's the important bit :)

    Keep on keeping on .........

  • I get different results between the hospital, with their fancy big machine that takes up half the room, and my GP surgery, where they use a small printer type gadget about half the size of a laptop with a blow tube thing on a bit of wire.

    I'm told the hospital results should be the most reliable, and they are always the lowest. Then again, a lot depends on how you are on the day they do the test. I've been a week after finishing antibiotics and got a good result, then a test a couple of days before I started with a chest infection was my worst ever.

    As long as you feel OK in yourself, that's the main thing.

  • last time I had mine done they were up but I didn't feel any different but was on a high because they were up, as Elian and Gordon say it's how you're feeling. I've no idea what my lung age is either I never ask, don't want to know, whats the point.

    lib xx

  • Thank you to everyone.

    The rest of the letter was quite positive my weights back up and I seem very well etc, but she then says considering her condition like she expects me to be gasping for air.

    I'm on my fourth week of PR and my nurse said he can see the difference, I just want to try and stay as well as I can.


  • The results can be different depending on how you are on the day. and can even be different morning till night. I have a home fev1 tester and know mine can vary by a few points. Keep positive and do the PR as that will help you.

  • I have just put a comment about this on another post! My husbands' FEV1 is now reduced to about 27% but he is better than he has been for about 4 years! I have spoken to the respiratory nurses and they just say - great! Years ago our family doctor, who has since retired - I still miss him so much, told me that you can put too much emphasis on figures and tests! I am as mystified as you but also grateful. Continue to feel well! TAD xx

  • I know mine was 70% October 2011, no idea what it is now xxxxx

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