i need some info

18 years ago i had a motorcycle accident and damaged my back

and i was on dla later to be redused to incapacity ben

i returned to work around 10 years ago

last year i noticed i was getting out of breath so i went to see the doc and i had a xray

the report said about a long standing airway disease and to top it all

i had a slip on the ice last week and jarred my back again i have just had a week off work sick and i cannot survive on £58 pw

problem is my jobs needs are very excessive and im getting out of breath and feeling week all the time

how do i go about getting back on the sick?

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  • > how do i go about getting back on the sick

    You can self-certify for a few days, otherwise you must see your GP. Only they can issue a 'fit note' - see nhs.uk/chq/Pages/1062.aspx?...

    The GP also needs to do whatever tests are needed to find out what's wrong and refer you for treatment.

  • ok thanks

    ill check it out

  • look at adviceguide.org.uk click on benefits and then on benefits for sick and disabled people.

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