More snow !!

Here in the West Midlands we had as much snow yesterday as we did on Friday and that was alot. Today looked at Birmingham Airport site and no more snow forecast for this week, I also looked on the Met Office site which was the same.

So I decided to book a Tesco delivery for Wednesday in the hope the side roads will be clearer, just finished it and guess what? Looked outside and it is SNOWING.

Hope they can get through.

polly xx

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  • We have sunshine and thaw, met office say 0 degrees high here today but my temperature sensor says 7C - some how wonder if the sensor is also wrong but with a thaw happening I guess its got to be around 4C. ~Shame I missed my exercise class today thought it would be too cold to risk lungs. Oh well exercise inside it is, unless I get wrapped up and go for a stroll as the sun is out. I am still fully stock so ok for food. Hope you can get a delivery for Wednesday ok.

  • Thanks Zoee too bad underfoot here to go out and much too cold anyway, am going on the treadmill when I can work up the enthusiasm.


  • I live down a cul de lsac which hasn't been gritted so no going out for me today. I have a buggy - not a good idea. A milk van got stuck and it took the milkman ages to get it going. The exercise I had was cooking a chicken casserole. Does anyone else have difficulties cooking - I am waiting the delivery of a kitchen stool. Bye Annie80xx

  • Plenty of snow on the ground here in the Malvern Hills so I'm on the exercise bike in 10 mins.At least I'll be able to think that I'm not suffering alone as after the first 10 minutes things start to get pretty uncomfortable. If I make 20 mins on level 2 dificulty and cover 4.5 miles I'll be happy. Thats flat out oxygen on the old concentrator around 4 litres. Oh well here goes!!! :(. Here come's pain and suffering once again and that 80 sats feeling. The fun we have eh'

  • I got a letter asking me to go to the hospital for routine blood tests as I'm on the Thyroid Register. I had planned to go on Friday, but the snow put paid to that.

    It's just started to fall again (1pm Mon) here in Doncaster, quite light at present but expected to thicken up in places, so it looks like I'm not going again. Not because I can't get out here, more because the parking at the hospital has not been cleared. The only spaces would be out on the main road, so that's 'mission impossible' as everyone fights for a tenth of what's normally available.

    Yesterday we had a thaw and most of it went from the footpaths and roads. Overnight we got another 2 inches so we're starting again. I'm not confident enough to contemplate the buses in this stuff. If I'm stuck outside, waiting for one, I can't breathe in the sub-zero temperatures.

  • It is really not worth it Gordon another few days and it will all be gone (hopefully) and then we will all be back to normal, whatever that is :-)


  • Ours keeps thawing a bit/snowing a bit so although we have had a lot of snow it is not getting too deep, currently about 3 inches. However, I am also in a cul-de-sac and so snowed in as they never clear roads this far. :(

  • Still just the same here in Shropshire, snowed qute a bit yesterday none today (so far), the snow plough and gritter has been down our lane. Daughter No 2 rang from Manchester snowing there this morning. When did we last see the sun.

    Lib x

  • Whenever the temps warm enough for people, I recommend the snow grips to go on your shoes / boots, they prevent you from falling on the ice and you can walk confidently knowing you are not going to fall.

  • I found some of these in the Pound shop in town, hung up on cards in pairs. They are a silicone rubbery type of thing that stretch to go over the toes and heels of your shoes and you then have grips under your feet.

    No so good with slippers though, when I was going to take the bin bag out...

  • Snow grips are great but they are slippery on normal surfaces. My problem is trying to balance on one leg to put them on if I am out and about. :(


  • Try a sledge

  • Tesco will get there,they might have to clear the snow,but EVERY LITTLE HELPS

  • I hope it can through for you. We still have a lot of snow and ice on the ground and the skies are threatening more, I hope not xxxxx

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