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Well, I have my treadmill arriving tomorrow, I am getting excited since I have been doing desperate things to try and get as much aerobic exercise as I can manage.

Not helped by my also trying to prove to myself I dont have this horrible disease (except I do), I am actually starting to wonder just what is going on.

When I get up in the morning, I find myself breathing harder just while cleaning my teeth.

Yet I have, every day, been moving things around the house to make a reasonable circuit to very gently jog around - and being around the house, it is a gentle jog

What I dont get is this. Today, I managed 5 mins walking, 3 mins jog, 3 mins walk, 5 mins jog, 3 mins walk, 15 mins (yes, 15 mins) jog, and a final 5 mins walk. That is from memory so if I missed one...... but the upshot is, I walked for 19.5 mins, jogged for 27 mins and at no point did I get to the point where I could not talk, at no point was I at a point where I felt I had to stop, I could hold a coversation while jogging right through the 15 min one - but it was a very gentle jog

I just dont get it


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Well, your post say's it all Katlover.

You are much fitter than you thought you were.

keep up the good work.

good luck with your treadmill, I have one and they are brillint.

best wishes




It's possible to do all this if you're at the very mild stage Kat, but I think you may be taking the exercise to the extreme :) lol I only wish I could join you !

Is it only when waking from night-time sleep that you feel short of breath ? If so, this could be worth mentioning to your GP when you next see him/her :)


I don't get it either, do you think your breathing harder in the morning whilst brushing your teeth could be caused by something other than damaged lungs maybe? I don't think your doc will be at all worried about you if you can jog for 27 mins without getting breathless, and able to talk at the same time, remarkable. Perhaps things may be different on the treadmill, see how it goes, keep up the good work.


I'm a bit similar to you. 30 mins on the treadmill (not jogging) or 20 mins rowing and I can do ok. Ask me to walk half the distance I've covered and I can't! Weird weird. But I just keep on.

Marie x


I too am the same. I can do a lot of exercise in a controlled situation, then be out of breath on a flight of stairs.

I don't understand it, but I think it's somehow a difference between exercise and going about our Ailey lives. I plan to ask my GP about it when I have my annual check up. Xx

Lynne xx


That was daily lives!


There do seem to be many inconsistencies for many of us. I guess that is the nature of Copd.

If nobody hears from me again, it means I keeled over on the treadmill;)

It will be interesting as don't understand why, when there is clearly a problem with my breathing, I can do so much exercise



Check it out with your Doc


I get breathless just walking through the kitchen to the loo, but when I go out I can walk round M & S Food, if I go to the surgery I don't notice my breathlessness and walk up an incline back to the car without any problem - I don't get it either.

Lib x


I get breathless first thing in the morning, I get sob doing jobs around the house, even preparing veg. I cannot get up the stairs I have a lift but I can use my treadmill max is 10 min but aiming to get better.

polly xx


i am the same realy bad in a morning after cleaning teeth and drying my hair after a shower.but about 1.30 when i go to pulmonory excersise class for an hour.am ok.but it is the walking that dose me in...WHY...


Hi katlover, it seems you are trying youre hardest to prove you dont have copd, its hard in the early stages, as like me, you dont want to believe it! & although exercise is good, you dont want to get too obsessed with it! i work full time, so i dont have alot of time for exercise! good luck with youre treadmill ;)


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