Is anyone else freezing cold??? The weather is not too bad here and my family assure me that the house is toasty warm but I'm freezing and sleepy ( i have slept for most of past 2 days) it my condition (NSIP) or the steroids (which I'm reducing) or am I about to sucumb to a bug...anyone else out there feeling the same or am I just "nesh"??

Mrs S (currently wearing 2 fleeces, wooly socks and a blanky!) x

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  • keep warm ,i have copd emphysema,bront,i feel very tired all the time and cold,i live alone ,i don't go out in this weather,

  • Best thing, hibernate for the winter! I can sleep virtually round the clock at the moment, wake for an hour or two then I'm off again! Keep well. Libby

  • Have you checked your temperature, Mrs. Shimmy. Think your body is taking charge!! (Odd expression of mine) Strongly advise seeing the GP You could ring NHS Direct who will advise you. Sleep as your body wishes, plenty of fluids. There is nothing like a fleece blanket and a hot water bottle. Get well soon, and be ready for the first signs of spring. Love Annie80 xx

  • thanks Annie, I haven't got a temp but am one of those rare people who don't get them (when I had double pneumonia it only got to 37!) I'm at the hosp tomorrow so will consult them, meanwhile am heading back to sofa :) xx

  • Could be reducing the steroids Mrs S. I certainly seemed to feel the cold more but the biggest thing was just being tired and wanting to sleep - and my word did I sleep. Hopefully it's just your body adjusting but definitely ask about it on Monday. In the meantime if you can, go back to bed! ;-)

  • Hi all, I'm feeling the cold too, hands, legs and feet, although the heating is on and I know the house is warm and I am not feeling as though I'm getting a cold. I hate the cold weather and I think some of it is because we expect to be cold when there's snow and ice out there! George

  • I am very sleepy at the moment, could sleep the clock round. At least it's good sleeping well at night, and I know if I sleep 2 hours or more during the day I will still sleep at night. I reckon it's the hibernation instinct in us !

    Lib x

  • I am more tired in cold weather - no matter how many layers I wear - just glad that there's some great TV recorded :)

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