Hi Healthunlockders It was all on a winters day!!!!

It was a bitter cold winters morning and the wife and myself were having breakfast and listening to the local radio.

We heard the announcer say,''We are going to have a possible 8 to 10 inches of snow in Nottingham today.You must park your car on the even- numbered side of the road,so the snow ploughs can get through''.

So my good wife went out and moved her car to the other side of the road.

A couple of days later we were eating breakfast again when the radio announcer said''We are expecting 10-12 inches of snow in Nottingham today.You must park your car on the odd-numbered side of the road,so the snow ploughs can get through.

The good wife went out and moved her car again.

I was blowed when the next day at breakfast the announcer said''We are expecting12-14 inches of snow today.You must park....''and then we had a power cut.

My good wife was very upset and with a worried look on her face she said''Richard,I don't know what to do.Which side of the road do you think I should park on so the snow plouhgs can get through?''

Then with the love and understanding in my voice, that all men who are married to blondes exhibit,I said''Why don't you just leave the b....y car in the garage this time

Richard Cornish


listen to an understanding voice asking you to join your local Breathe Easy Group

Details from the British Lung Foundation

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  • Hahahahahahaha .......... another great one ! :) I almost pmsl ;)

  • You must not do that!!

  • What she don't know won't.........ouch sorry darling

  • Good one X

  • I laughed myself

  • Thanks, king for another good laugh!!

  • Just some light bed time reading

  • Very good xx

  • You are not blonde?????

  • No, I'm brunette (well, white now if I didn't have it coloured!)

    Lynne xx

  • It is a personal choice but I love pure white hair well styled. Nothing looks better. To my irritation, I am mixed, white the front and brown and the back.


  • Do you mean like a Jersey c.. No offence,they are really beautiful.

  • I read this to my husband, Brian. He loved it. No, not one of us ..good lungs but dodgy knees and back pain. Another "weAr and tear" person..

  • Did you enjoy what has made you worn and torn.Going out dressed like that my girl you will regret it later on in life ,your Mum's words?

  • My husband's wear and tear was caused by romps in the countryside, with a walking group!!!?? Me - wear and tear - heavy breathing or lack of it!!

  • Followed the story and had a silent chuckle please keep up the good work :-)

  • Please feel free to laugh aloud

  • Heard that one before, but still had to laugh, so nice to wake up to your jokes X

  • It's nice to get up with a smile

  • Very funny and made me laugh out loud

    Cales x

  • That's what I like to hear

  • Excellent as ever Richard! Never stop making us laugh as it does us all good. xxxx

  • Laughing makes us all feel good.

  • As an ex blonde should I feel insulted.......no just gave me a good laugh.

  • Why EX-BLONDE? Although blonde is only a colour a change doesn't alter the person,blondes are beautiful.

  • Thank you kind sir.

  • Heheh! very good! :) :) :)

  • Thank you hufferpuffer

  • good one Richard.

    Lib x

  • Pleased you liked it

  • i also am a ex blonde, sort od thing my husband would, but he would come of worse, a good laugh


  • I don't think you would dream of hurting him. Blondes aren't like that.But then you say you are not a blonde anymore,so who knows what might happen.

  • Brilliant I am not blonde but I have a ditzy friend who is, when I read this out to her she had to think about it before getting it and then had to help me up off the floor :)

  • That is lovely,maybe not for you!!!

  • Smiling from ear to ear :)

  • What I call a face Splitter

  • you made me giggle and really cheered me up ,thanks

  • More giggles to come

  • Brilliant, loved it xxxxx

  • You will love this.

    C'mon Andy. Andy Murray for the Australian Open

  • lol :-)

  • Come on Andy, one step nearer today

  • Anything like me today I must have been one step nearer to a broken leg with every step I took on all this ice :-(

  • Enjoyed reading this conversation.King .. came in a bit late. I am wondering if I will be able to get out tomorrow. How much snow can a buggy handle? It was good to hear that you have a wife. Not a partner or the O/H....All the best from Annie80 xxx

  • I have not only got a wife Annie,I have the most kind ,loving,considerate, best friend,

    wife in the world that God created


  • Me,too! Meet Brian...Amazing person. Always thinking of other peoples problems. But he suffers with joint pains. We have been married for 54 years. Sleep well...Anniex

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