Mainly for the ladies?

Today, my DH and I went into Birmingham by bus and train to see the Strictly tour show and stay over in a hotel as its my birthday tomorrow.

It became a military operation! So much snow, ice and slippery surfaces as well as cold air. I also knew some walking, uphill as well as downhill and steps, would be involved.

I ended up wearing my allotment boots, trousers tucked into socks, scarf around mouth and nose etc. Birmingham has not gritted its steps or pavements and neither did the NIA, despite what they said on the local news.

We are now in the hotel and will eat here as it is just treacherous underfoot, but the menu looks good.

Anyway, ladies! Artems's pecs are something to be seen, a treasure to behold! Louis was just fantastic and did the one from Dirty Dancing and Fern has lost quite a lot of weight since the programme, she actually looked really good and was VERY funny.

Lynne xx

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  • There was a time where the thought of Fern in fishnets would have worried trawlermen, but I agree she looks great with Artem in the publicity shots the Birmingham Mail released on Friday. On the other hand, was Phil T having a Tena moment in his shot ?

    For anyone who wants to see the photos, they are at

  • Wow ! What a great way to celebrate your birthday Lynne :) despite the bad weather (Grrrrrrr) !

    Many happy returns of the day for tomorrow xx Save me a piece of cake eh ?

  • Enjoy your birthday


  • Glad you enjoyed it Lynne, many happy returns. ;)

  • Happy birthday Lynne - glad you had a great time.


  • glad you had a great time xx

  • What an amazing birthday for you! Glad it all went well in the end and that you let nothing stop you. Picturing Artem and his pecs as I type! Thanks for the vision! Take care. xxxxx

  • happy birthday lynne, can you smuggle artem in your overnight bag please!!!

    You definately needed my `invention` walking in the freezing cold !!!

    sandra xx

  • I certainly did Sandra! xxxx

  • happy birthday lynne, glad you enjoyed it,

    love janxx

  • Happy Happy Birthday to you Lnne,and congratulations on getting out there, and having a great time.Sounds as if it was well worth any hassles!! xxxx

  • Happy Birthday Lynne. So pleased you enjoyed your pressie just thinking of Artem and I am drooling LOL. Go careful out there xxx


  • Well as this was posted yesterday I assume it is your birthday now. So I send you much love and I hope you have a wonderful evening xxxxx

  • Well done. I long to turn back the clock and be able to make plans. Hopefully, this is just a blip and I can recover from the last 3 months of copd flareups. 20% lung cap. Hoping for miracle.x

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