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Panic Over

Well, instead of spending my time panicking and terrified I am going to be told I have stage 4 COPD, I have managed to get a grip on that and find myself a new focus.

That new focus is proving to myself that in fact, I don't have COPD after all. I think I have finally lost the plot. I have COPD but I am doing more and more exercise to prove to myself that I don't actually have it after all.

And i do know that many can manage significant exercise with COPD so know that my doing that is rubbish too.

I have done 35 mins exercise today with 17 mins of gentle jogging and the rest brisk walking, I have run up and down the stairs many times and I now never just walk up the stairs.

I am so flipping tired but I wont give in

I even decided to make up my own home made spirometry test to guesstimate my FVC prior to my real test on Tues, a lune, right!?!

Now my nearest and dearest is on a plane to India for a couple of weeks for work, I have not only peace and quiet but also plenty of time to get fitter as I have my treadmill coming on monday and I cant wait so I can actually see how much I am doing in real terms

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I'm also stage 4 but I don't care. It's just a number. I just carry on as normal like I did before I got emphysema but am aware I get short of breath.In fact I exercise more now than I did before.


you made me smile

because you are absolutely right


Be very careful not to overdo it though Katlover :( Remember, moderation in all things :)


Thanks Elian, Do you know what is weird though, I don't get very breathless, I get tired but not particularly breathless


lol...... I'm not surprised you feel tired afterwards, I'd need a week in bed if I did all that !! :)

It's a very good sign though if your not short of breath :)


Just thinking about exercise makes me breathless.. Mines confined to going up to the loo most days, that's like Everest at times.

No way will you be told stage 4 with what you've told us about running up stairs, they are more likely to ask you to blow up all the balloons for the surgery Christmas party !


Bless you Gordon57

I am over the complaining stage and the self pitying stage because given my diagnosis, I am one of the lucky ones here and on the mca scale, I am probabaly at worst, a 2 but I am unsure of what they mean by strenuous exertion

and if they tell me I have very mild copd, I will offer to blow all their balloons up for their christmas party:)




Oh I have my moments, I try to get over to see Dad once a week and that takes careful planning to make sure I give myself loads of time to get the bus, then cross over for the train and so on.

It would have taken me 10 minutes to get from home to the station and onto the platform at one time, now I allow at least 45 minutes so I can fit in a few breathers along the way. I'm just thankful that it's not very far to walk from any of the stops to the next stage.

If I take it steady and don't try to rush anything then I'll get there, eventually.


Good for you . I don't think you will be stage 4. Maybe moderate, like me but even though I do lots of exercise, I do get breathless still. I agree though, I will get on with my life.

Lynne xx


I am with you Lynne, having this illness, at this stage, we do have choices and once we have educated ourselves, we either control our lives and do everything we can to live or we let it control us.

There may well come a time where we have no choice in the matter so until then......


Being moderate myself I find I do get very breathless still. I do not think I could do all the exercise you are doing without flaking out at the end of it all xxxxx


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