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Stuck in snow - meds running out.

I'm in Scotland and was due to travel home tomorrow but I seriously don't think I'm going to get. It's snowing very heavily and the roads are terrible. I am however in a bit of a pickle. My meds (immunosuppressants and omeprazole) run out tomorrow. My repeat prescription is at home. Whilst I've learned a lesson about being more prepared - has anyone any idea if I could go a couple of days without either if I can't get home?

I know it's a question for my GP but any ideas fellow lovely folk?

Marie x

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If you contact a gp nearest to your present location and explain the situation, you can obtain a prescription from them. Alternatively, if you can find a local chemist who is prepared to ring your own gp and have a prescription faxed over.

This happened to me a couple of years ago and the doctor I saw (in my holiday location) was really nice and gave me a prescription for enough meds to get me home + another couple of days to give me chance to get to my own gp)

I hope you manage to get your meds Marie :)

Forgot to add that I wouldn't recommend going without :(

Thanks - I might have to do that. Luckily I have copies of my notes (and repeat prescriptions) with me. I'm normally so organised and I'm kicking myself for not thinking ahead. I thought it was going to be ok because the forecast changed and it looked like Scotlsnd and Cumbria were going to miss it!

I'll know next time!

Marie x

do you carry a copy of your repeat meds. If you have it, ring the nearest practice or pharmacy for advice. antacid med ..I can miss a couple of days. The other ..I don't know.

Good luck! Annie80

Hi Annie

I'm fairly sure I can go without the omeprazole as it was given to me to counteract steroids which I'm no longer on! It's the azathioprine that's worrying but I will pop along (if I can) to a local chemist and see what they can do.

Marie x

Well it's Friday night so I guess you might be lucky if you find a surgery open over the weekend. Great you have your repeat prescription as you could go into a walk in centre.

It's a full time job when you go away checking out you've got all and enough meds. Oh to be able to throw in a spare pair and that's it.

Good luck Marie

Love C xxx

Hope it all gets sorted out. x

I have one of those weekly pill box things which I take with me if I'm away from home so I always have a weeks worth. In fact I use it all the time now. A good habit to get into.

I make mine up for the month which works well until I have a change in prescription. Not sure what happens if admitted to hospital, they like to see the boxes.

I have read all the other comments,personally I would not go without. I agree with everyone else contact either a gp or chemist. Hope every thing works out for you.


I have one of those too Puff. Fill it every Sunday because I do travel with work. May just have to buy another! And always have a weeks worth in the car! I suppose it's where you draw the line in how prepared you are! ;-)

The roads are a bit clearer than I expected this morning so I may have panicked for nothing.

Marie x

Good luck getting home Marie xx

What I do now when we can get away som ewhere, is take my husbands case file with us, i.e. all his hospital letters, antibiotics and steroid history and an uptodate copy of his prescription in case he is admitted to hospital. I realised how much time can be wasted in being treated by watching Casualty and Holby City on the television, as the doctors have to ring the GP for information,

Each time we visit the specialist we get a copy of the letter they have sent to the GP's and I keep this in a file as well. You are then carrying around with you everything the hospital, pharmacist or GP needs to know. It goes in my handbag along with his current medication and a few extras just in case so I can get to it in an emergency.

I also have in the file, the oxygen services name and number, our GP's name and number, the Community Matrons name and number, the specialists name and number and our physios name and number so if they have any questions it is all there. It took an hour to first get this file up and running but now I just pick it up and put it in my bag before we go.

We went to the hospital a few weeks ago and they had lost my husbands massive file, so only had a slip of paper with his date and birth on it. When we got, in the specialist started asking questions so he could go on the computer so I just gave him the file and you should have seen his face, everything was there so he only had to bring the file up on the computer that showed his CT scan and Xrays, he thanked me very much and said I wish other patients were so organised. I know if you live on your own it can't be as easy, but by just putting copies of letters, prescriptions and writing a few names and addresses on bit of paper could save a lot of time in an emergency.

I hope you get home safe and well.

sweetthing, you have my admiration! We dont go away so often now, more day trips but do visit Lymington to see family. Been caught three times now. I now carry a rescue pack of antibs and a copy of my meds. They can see a lot from that.

get a local pharmacy to supply or you as suggested already. My daughter did this when she had forgotten her pill - they can ring through and check your records. x


Hope you've sorted your meds - you could also try calling NHS Scotland 08454 242424.Best wishes


i agree with jo phone nhs 24 some of the chemists do a delivery service im sure nhs 24 could arrange this, dont go without x

hi often there is a chemist open for an hour on sunday, it may be different in scotland but worth a try, im sure they will help you, after all its there job and you need this particular drug, our minds often go bank when we change our routine.

good luck love jan xx

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