Hi all Healthunlockders They tell you not to drive when it is snowing but!

I had to take my truck out in the snow today.Miserable conditions.

As I pulled up at a red traffic light, a blonde catches up.She jumped out of her car,runs up to my truck and bangs on the door.I wound my window down and she says''Hi my name is Heather,and you are losing some of your load! I '' I rightly or wrongly ignored her and carried on down the street.

When I stopped with my truck at the next set of lights the girl caught me up again.She jumps out of her car,runs up and knocks on the door.Again I lowered my window.As if she had never spoken to me before,the blonde says brightly,''Hi my name is Heather,and you are losing some of your load.Well I remembered what my Mum had told me about strange ladies.I shook my head ignored her again and drove off down the street.

At the third red light,the same thing happens.All out of breath,the blonde gets out of her car,runs up,knocks on the truck door.In despair I lowered the window again, she says,''My name is Heather and you are losing some of your load.Well not really knowing what to do,when the light turned to green I reved up and raced to the next.

When I stopped this time,I hurriedly got out of the truck and ran back to the blonde.

I knocked on her window and as she lowered it I said:

''Hi my name is Richard,it is snowing and I am driving the gritting truck !

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  • Hahahahahahaha ........ you've done it again ! :)

  • And I hope to make you smile again and again


  • True Grit my friend

  • Nitty gritty

  • very topical!!

  • Seasonal Annie

    Richard x

  • you are so witty,keep it up.x

  • I try

  • very funny and very topical as usual king :) :) :) .)

  • Still gritting (my teeth)

  • :-) :-)

  • Snow makes you all smile

  • Another cracker, could you drive your truck down my road tomorrow please xx

  • Will you stop me if I do,or do you just want the road gritting.


  • That gave me a chuckle on a very cold morning - thanks! Living in a Victorian house means that as soon as the heating goes off, it all leaks out the walls!

  • I used to live in one,no heating and sash cord windows.BRRRR

  • :D

  • Nice smile today gillyj

  • Hi Kingofthecoctails I am going to have to stop reading your posts I'm trying to be miserable and feel sorry for myself but you keep making me laugh.

  • Remember exblonde,you were born with a smile on your face, please keep it there.


  • Brilliant! That's cheered me up.

  • Good,keep smiling

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